Fortnite to return on Apple devices (iOS), players react with excitement and disbelief

Fortnite is returning to iOS (Image via Nvidia)
Fortnite is returning to iOS (Image via Nvidia)

Apple took down Fortnite from its App Store for daring to challenge its policies. In their bid to make the game accessible to all, Epic Games tried to play ball with Apple's rules and policies, but the iPhone manufacturer is still not ready to bring the game to its store. However, Fortnite developers have finally found a way to bring the game back to iOS devices.

Epic Games is joining hands with Nvidia and bringing a closed beta on GeForce Now, Nvidia's cloud gaming-as-a-service platform. The closed beta will commence next week, giving all iOS players a chance to enjoy the game once again.

The news of Fortnite returning on Apple devices (iOS) sends the community into a frenzy

In their latest blog post, Nvidia announced its partnership with Epic and said,

“Alongside the amazing team at Epic Games, we’ve been working to enable a touch-friendly version of Fortnite for mobile delivered through the cloud. While PC games in the GeForce NOW library are best experienced on mobile with a gamepad, the introduction of touch controls built by the GeForce NOW team offers more options for players.”
Epic Games & NVIDIA have teamed up to bring Fortnite back to IOS through "Geforce Now", the closed beta starts next week! 👀 (via @Nibellion)Any IOS players coming back after this?

A new closed beta for the game in GeForce NOW will begin in a few days, and you can register for it here. The news of the game coming back to iOS has got the community excited as a lot of players play solely on mobile devices. Players are lauding the move and can't wait to jump back on the island.

@ShiinaBR Let's go omg it's bean 2 years

Despite the game arriving on iOS, not all players will be able to play the game again. Many players are saddened by the fact that the GeForce Now service is not available in their country or region. However, players can change their region via VPN to access and try it on GeForce Now.

@ShiinaBR Ugh I just wished epic and apple worked it out so it was just on the App Store. Ik it’s prob not gonna happen but like ughh

Either way, the entire community is happy that Epic has found a way to bring the game back on iOS. While this is still not a solid way to play the game on iOS devices, it is still the first step in the right direction.

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