How to use Battle Stars in Fortnite: Tier unlocking, reward redemption, and more explained

Everything about Fortnite's Battle Stars explained (Image via Epic Games)
Everything about Fortnite's Battle Stars explained (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite'S Battle Stars were introduced in the very first season of the game. However, they were removed when Epic released Chapter 2 Season 1. For a few seasons, this item was absent from the game.

It was reintroduced in Chapter 2 Season 7 after major rework and has been an integral part ever since. Battle Stars in Fortnite have several uses such as unlocking tiers and claiming rewards from the Battle Pages.

The variety of uses of Sattle Stars makes it quite significant in the game and everyone should know how it works. This article will provide a detailed guide on how to use Battle Stars in Fortnite.

A detailed guide on using Battle Stars in Fortnite

Claiming rewards


The Battle Pass system was changed from Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. Earlier, there were 100 tiers and each tier had a specific reward. The rewards were available as soon as gamers reached the required tier in the game.

However, with the introduction of Battle Stars, the Battle Pass underwent significant changes. Epic introduced the Battle Page system for gamers. The Battle Pass contains ten pages and each of these pages have several items such as skins, loading screens, back blings, wraps, and gliders.

The contents of the Battle Page are locked. These items can only be unlocked with Battle Stars. The cost of the items varies depending upon their category and uniqueness.

The system is quite beneficial for gamers. Earlier, loopers had to wait to reach a certain level to be able to get the cosmetics of their choice. With the Battle Stars' system, they can easily unlock their preferred items first and claim the rest later on.

Ranking up the tiers


Battle Stars can also be used to rank up the pages in the Battle Pass. As mentioned before, there are ten pages in the Battle Pass nowadays. Those who purchase the Battle Pass will have the first page unlocked.

However, for subsequent pages, gamers either need to reach a certain level in the game or claim a certain number of rewards. Since leveling up in the game can be time consuming, gamers prefer the latter option.

Players focus on unlocking the rewards through Battle Stars and try to reach the requisite target to unlock the pages in the Battle Pass. Unlocking these pages will give loopers access to their preferred cosmetics that can be claimed without much difficulty.

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