Does Millie Bobby Brown play Fortnite? Stranger Things star finally answers the question

Millie Bobby Brown confirms playing Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Millie Bobby Brown confirms that she plays Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

Many popular celebrities are ardent fans of Fortnite. They love to play the popular battle royale game when they aren't out on the field, making music, or shooting for their upcoming blockbuster movie or show.

Fans already know about some big names who love to play the game, such as Drake, Harry Kane, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Marshmello. However, two new names have joined the list as Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp have publicly expressed their love for Fortnite.

Millie Bobby Brown on Wired Autocomplete (Image via Wired/YouTube)
Millie Bobby Brown on Wired Autocomplete (Image via Wired/YouTube)

Stranger Things star Millie Bobbie Brown plays Fortnite

If you have ever wondered whether Millie Bobby Brown plays Fortnite, you now have your answer. Eleven from Stranger Things recently appeared for a Wired Autocomplete interview. After the recent success of her Netflix movie Enola Holmes 2, the popular actress opened herself to some interesting questions.

There were several burning questions about the star that fans wanted answers to. Among these, one of the questions asked was whether she plays any video games. To the surprise of her fans, she admitted that she sometimes plays Sims 4 and Epic Games' battle royale offering. Talking about how she plays the latter, she said:

"I mostly bush camp until there's like five people left, and then I hand the controller over to an experienced player to let them finish the game."

Clearly, when Millie isn't running around Hawkins, saving her friends, or trying to get out of her brother Sherlock Holmes' shadow, she spends some of her spare time playing Fortnite. However, the star admitted that she isn't that good at the game and would rather camp than go for the Victory Royale herself.


Hopefully, fans will see Millie Bobby Brown play Fortnite sometime soon. In fact, if she ever teams up with a popular streamer, it could be a record-breaking livestream, just like the one with Ninja and Drake.

Another Stranger Things star loves playing Fortnite

Millie Bobby Brown isn't the only member of the Stranger Things cast who enjoys Epic Games' popular title. In fact, Noah Schnapp, known for playing Will Byers in the popular Netflix show, also loves to play Fortnite.

In an interview with GQ four months ago, he was talking about the Xbox Series X and all the games he likes playing on the console, like Call of Duty, Mario, and more. About Fortnite in particular, he said:

"I've just gotten back into the game. I love it, and I love my Xbox."

Clearly, the game has many fans in the Stranger Things cast. With the upcoming Fortnite Chapter 4 update, we may see even more popular celebrities trying out and vouching for it. Luckily, the fans are in for a great end to the year and would love to enjoy everything Epic Games has planned for them this festive season.

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