Epic Games hits players with another Fortnite ban wave

Fortnite ban
The latest Fortnite ban wave is affecting many players (Image via Epic Games)

The latest Fortnite ban wave was recently released, affecting many players. As the community knows, Epic Games has a zero-tolerance policy toward cheaters and exploiters, which is why many have been banned lately. For some, the ban lasts only 24 hours, considering it was their first offense, but others have been banned for weeks or months.

Epic is known for being hard on cheaters and anyone who tries to ruin the fun for others. Thus, the company takes all cheating reports seriously, and almost every cheater gets banned, sooner or later.

The new Fortnite ban wave has affected players using the Kinetic Blade exploit. This allows players to get easy and effortless eliminations but ruins the fun for many who want to play a fair game.

Players exploiting the Kinetic Blade have been affected by the latest Fortnite ban wave

The new Fortnite ban wave affects everyone who used the Kinetic Blade exploit (Image via Epic Games)
The new Fortnite ban wave affects everyone who used the Kinetic Blade exploit (Image via Epic Games)

The Kinetic Blade is one of the most popular items in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. It is capable of dealing massive damage to enemies and is also amazing as a mobility tool.

The latest exploit allows players to eliminate their opponents easily with the item. All they need to do is target an enemy opponent with the Kinetic Blade and dash towards them after disconnecting the internet.

How to kill anyone from any range with the Kinetic Blade: 1) Players must be in the open for this to work. 2) Disconnect wifi and dash to the players, you can use the slice feature reputedly until you feel like you've done 200 damage. 3) Reconnect wifi and you'll be……

The opposing player is helpless and cannot do anything to protect themselves. Even boxing in doesn't help, making the latest exploit even more serious.

Here is the opposing player's point of view:

Here's from the other person POV:

Fortunately, Epic Games has released the latest Fortnite ban wave, eliminating many players who have used the exploit. In addition, Epic has also removed the item from competitive playlists, although it is still active in regular modes, meaning many players use the exploit.

Most players hit by the recent ban wave were removed for only 24 hours. However, this is only for first-time offenders. Players who have used exploits in the past have been banned for longer periods.

It's important to note that cheating and exploiting can lead to a permanent account ban. Furthermore, Fortnite creators can lose their Support-A-Creator code if caught breaking in-game rules.

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