Epic Games will pay players for 'Fortnite Based Content' when Creative 2.0 launches, document shows

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

In a recent development, data miners revealed on social media that Epic Games is planning to pay its content creators Fortnite-based content.

Fortnite has grown considerably in the recent past. It hit the market back in 2017 and has been making a significant effort to remain a fan favorite game.

Fortnite has been taking strong strides when it comes to business. The popularity of the game has inspired other developers to develop Fortnite based content. This indicates even better economic progress, as Fortnite will be grinding more money through these developments.

Data miners have revealed that Creative 2.0 aka Valkyrie will help establish an economic relationship between Epic Games and their Fortnite content creators. In light of this recent announcement, this article will discuss the Creative 2.0 Valkyrie map and the monetization option for Fortnite content creators.

Fortnite set to bring financial gains to content creators

Fortnite content creators have played a significant part in popularizing the game. They have taken to social media to stream videos and inform fans across the globe of the changes implemented in the game.

Content creators are the ones who keep track of the proceedings and provide significant insights for loopers.

Epic Games will be paying the content creators once Creative 2.0 rolls out.

Although the exact figures are not publicly available, data miners have confirmed the rumors through Twitter.

It is rumored that Epic Games have used this card following the legal battle they are engaged in against Apple.

Fortnite creator Epic Games recently engaged in an antitrust lawsuit against tech giant Apple. The developers challenged Apple’s payment policy, and the matter had to be brought into the court of law.


Apparently, Epic Games had to pay 30% revenue to Apple for every purchase made through the App Store and Fortnite. Developers of Fortnite intend to bypass Apple or reach an agreement to take a lesser cut.

Back in August 2020, Epic intentionally implemented changes to bypass the App Store payment gateway. This resulted in Apple blocking Fortnite from the App Store. Following the restrictions, Epic decided to take the matter to court and filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple.

A countersuit was filed by the tech corporation against Epic. The lawsuit asserted that Epic had intentionally breached the terms of its contract with Apple.

While Epic vs Apple has received quite a limelight from the public and press, it is to be noted that Epic has filed a lawsuit against Google as well. The charges are similar to that against Apple, although Google has justified that the legal situation is different from the Epic vs Apple situation.

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