Final Floor is Lava Fortnite tournament leaderboard: Who were the big winners?

Final Floor is Lava tournament leaderboard
Final Floor is Lava tournament leaderboard

Fortnite's Floor is Lava tournament took place recently with players competing in the Sunday night LTM with an item-upgrade theme.

With all seven regions wrapped up, and the final leaderboards are up.

Floor is Lava Fortnite tournament leaderboard

All results displayed here have been picked up from the Fortnite Tracker. Fans can click on each region's name to see the full leaderboards, as just the top three duos from each are listed below.

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The LTM took place with players teaming up in duos. Each team was allowed to play a maximum of 10 matches and earned points based on eliminations and placement within each match.


  1. Fleek.ちくわ ǃǃǃǃǃ / SG4 さえふぃん
  2. RUDENS.Kylix / SE rinted7
  3. さんたくろーすくりすますそんぐ極 / NVS wickesy


  1. fаzer8 / fаzer7
  2. shyban7 / santoxkzsjjkz
  3. placcen. / 200G Warrior


  1. uIumululu / 49 zwart
  2. TheBigKovich / BasCB
  3. Twitch OhMav / Jayzael

Middle East

  1. MooN Slap. / MooN Elijah
  2. Aсмр 7мед / A7MDEMON
  3. xmśh / B23 .

NA East

  1. Trаshу / Seem9966
  2. SIGMER. / JigglyFloppers23
  3. Lupien. / Nobu Triick

NA West

  1. blueorca15 / killz8x
  2. exars hmm / surgemaster13
  3. pyro c / X EG Cesar


  1. iсﱞe / 3am mechs
  2. HVT Crime / utube dividedFN
  3. Will〆 / zoro Ihmo.

For players unfamiliar with the Floor is Lava mode of play, lava gradually rises up from the ground until only one duo is left standing. Lava deals 20 damage to players who touch it and launches them up in the air.

It is a frantic mode with players building as much as they can to keep themselves from getting burnt. Building materials are granted to every player as set intervals to keep the momentum moving along.

The Floor is Lava Fortnite tournament had a great turnout in each region.

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