Fortnite leak shows upcoming Stadium in Chapter 4 Season 1

A stadium of some kind could be coming soon (Image via Fortnite Wiki)
A stadium of some kind could be coming soon (Image via Fortnite Wiki)

A new stadium could very well be coming to Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. When Chapter 3 Season 4 ends, players will forego the remaining seasons of Chapter 3 and enter Chapter 4. With that, there are going to be plenty of big changes.

One such change may have already been leaked. According to FNLeaksandInfo on Twitter, a stadium has been uncovered in the game files. It's a very blurry image, but it does have the layout and color design of a stadium.

Looks like there will be a new Stadium somewhere on the map!#Fortnite

There have been stadiums in Fortnite before. Epic Games introduced a soccer stadium as a sort of collaboration with the World Cup. Pleasant Park, a POI that was around through much of both Chapter 1 and 2, had a soccer field and briefly a football field in the middle of it.

Additionally, Chapter 1 had a landmark soccer field in an indoor arena. It was a very popular location back then. Epic has used stadiums and fields many times before, so it's no surprise they're doing it again.

The World Cup is happening again very soon, so it could be a bit of a promotional crossover once again.

Remember that this is a leak that doesn't guarantee a new stadium is on the way. There's a good chance there is, but until it appears on the island, it can only be treated as speculation.

How will the map change in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1?

With a chapter change on the way, players are expecting big changes. When Chapter 2 Season 8 ended, there was a lot of downtime before Chapter 3 began and the changes reflected that.

There could potentially be up to two days of downtime, which means Epic will probably have major changes in store. Most of these changes will probably be applied to the map, as that's usually the case when seasons and chapters experience downtime.

Since this season has seen Chrome destroy or alter most of the map, plus the Reality Tree's struggles, it can reasonably be assumed that a new map is on the way.

It will have to be, especially if players defeat the Herald and Chrome during the live event that is supposed to cap the chapter.

Chrome has completely changed the map (Image via Epic Games)
Chrome has completely changed the map (Image via Epic Games)

Additionally, following the pattern set in the previous chapters, the island might flip or become a totally new island for Chapter 4.

Going from Chapter 1 to Fortnite Chapter 2 saw a brand new island with entirely new POIs. When that chapter ended, players learned that the map had been flipped over and the bottom of the Chapter 2 map was the Chapter 1 (and 3) map and vice versa.

It's entirely possible that Epic Games will do what they did in Chapter 3 and flips the island back over and reintroduces Chapter 2 locations with new ones sprinkled in.

There are very few leaks like the one above that suggest what's coming for next season's map, but all signs point to there being a new map for Fortnite players to try out next season.

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