Will Fortnite players get a new map in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 5?

Will there be new locations in Chapter 3 Season 5? Image via Epic Games
Will there be new locations in Chapter 3 Season 5? (Image via Epic Games)

The biggest thing Fortnite players look forward to in the future is a potential new map. This can mean entirely new locations, like when Epic Games introduced The Joneses, but it could also mean bringing back old spots in new ways. That is very much like how they reintroduced Shifty Shafts, the racetrack, and other old locations.

With Chapter 3 Season 4 more than halfway over, players are beginning to wonder what the next map might look like. The current season is scheduled to end on December 2, which leaves a substantial gap for potential downtime before the next season.

It often means major map changes are coming, similar to the downtime between Chapter 2 Season 8 and Chapter 3 Season 1. Is that what will be happening this time?

New map for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 5? Here's what the leaks suggest

The leaks seem to indicate that major map changes are coming. One Twitter user, BetterFNnews, has compiled the evidence that suggests the new map might be a combination of old locations.

Theory:The heralds Emote shows the Chapter 2 season 8 map and other maps.So what if this maps are locations that we already went to in the #fortnite lore but don’t remember.When you first started the game in chapter 3 season 1 you would hear that line. 1/2…

The island has changed significantly almost every season. Starting from the game's initial phase, it gets altered from one season to the other, sometimes during the season as well.

All of this leads to there being several different versions of the island. There are differences between Chapter 3's map, Chapter 2's layout, and the Chapter 1 pattern.

However, within that, there are different maps. The Chapter 2 Season 2 design was very different from Chapter 2 Season 7's.

Pleasant Park has been part of a lot of maps (Image via Epic Games)
Pleasant Park has been part of a lot of maps (Image via Epic Games)

Chapter 1 Season 3's map is not even close to Chapter 1 Season X's map. It has changed a lot from the beginning of Chapter 3 to now, too.

The theory that BetterFNnews is bringing to the table is that all those different maps will be combined to form some sort of amalgamation for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 5.

Instead of dropping into Shifty Shafts, it's very possible that next season, gamers could be dropping into a smaller version of the Chapter 2 Season 6 map as a POI.

It has also been all but confirmed by leaks that a live event will cap off this season. The Herald and all the Chrome that has wreaked havoc on the island will be defeated, which will cause map changes.

If Chrome is removed, the island will look very different anyway. Many floating landmarks have moved around and others might be destroyed by the goo.

Even if the theory about all the old maps is not true, it figures that there will still be substantial changes. Next season's Fortnite map might not be considered brand new if that's the case, but it would still be a welcome change.

It is important to remember that this information is based on leaks and theories. There's no guarantee to any of this until Epic Games announces it or the new season arrives (the latter is far more likely).

With that said, there does seem to be a very good chance Fortnite players will have a new map next season.

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