Fortnite player finds a rare souvenir while shopping at a thrift store

A throwback find (Image via u/Sad_Construction_945 on Reddit)
A throwback find (Image via u/Sad_Construction_945 on Reddit)

A Fortnite player has just discovered a rare and ancient part of the game at a thrift store. Redditor u/Sad_Construction_945 shared to the subreddit that they discovered the Official Battle Journal.

The book, which serves as a journal for gamers to log their matches and how they played, was first published in 2019, and so it's nearly four years old.

According to the book's synopsis, players can

"Record your progress and see how your game evolves and improves! With space to list everything from the names of your squad members to the contents of your locker, the Battle Journal will chronicle your road to glory."

They will also reportedly be able to:

  • Master their stats, which will help them figure out which landing zones and strategies lead to wins.
  • Track daily progress by posting important stats and list all the different items they used in a given match.
  • Log customizations by marking down what skins and cosmetics are used as well as full weapon loadouts.

Naturally, since most players aren't playing a match and then taking a break to write down everything that happened, this book isn't very popular.

Nevertheless, it harkens back to the prime days of Fortnite, and is thus definitely a fun find at a thrift shop. The game has been out for so long that much of the player base is nostalgic for those days, and this book is an excellent way of feeding those feelings.

How long has Fortnite been out?


Fortnite has been out for a long time. Save the World and Battle Royale are the two original game modes, and they've both been around since 2017. The former didn't take off right away, but it hit its prime very quickly.

Essentially, Fortnite has been around for five and a half years, and this summer will mark six years of the hit battle royale game. It has ebbed and flowed in popularity, but remains one of the most played titles to this day.

As for how long Epic Games can keep the title going, there seems to be no limit. Every time Fortnite seems to be slowly going downhill, the developer releases fresh content, a huge collaboration or an exciting new season, to revitalize the playerbase.

The game in 2017 (Image via Epic Games)
The game in 2017 (Image via Epic Games)

As long as battle royale remains a viable video game genre (and it appears to be here to stay), there's no reason to expect Fortnite to go anywhere any time soon.

As long as the community continues to engage with it, Epic Games will continue to keep it running. It's probably their most profitable game and they have no incentive to stop it early.

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