Fortnite players have 6 days to claim a free exclusive reward, here's how

Fortnite is hosting a community battle (Image via FortniteDE on Twitter)
Fortnite is hosting a community battle (Image via FortniteDE on Twitter)

A new event is underway in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 that will reward participants with a new exclusive spray. This will be the only way to receive this particular award.

Epic Games is no stranger to giving players free cosmetics, but occasionally they do require them to exhibit a little bit of effort to get them.

This is one of those situations, as players will have to participate in the event to get it. Here's how and what else you need to know about it.

The is going to be a Community Battle event and will involve members of the community. They will band with content creators to play the game and earn points.


The official German social media account for Fortnite shared a link to a site regarding the event.

According to YouTuber Tabor Hill, the site reads:

"The year 2023 begins with a new, exciting round of community battles, together with you and your content creators. The Community Battle: Tower Defense starts on Monday, January 30th at 10 a.m. and runs with 25 participating content creators and their communities up to and including Sunday, February 5th, 2023. Help your favorite collect as many points as possible and get an exclusive spray inspired by the winner."

Fortnite event rewards players with free exclusive spray

Tower Defense is a Creative island set up for this very event. It involves players defending a castle from attacking zombies. The code will be 7125-8952-9143.

From the map, you can select a team to join. From there, you will be tasked with surviving waves of zombies. The first three award one point, the next three award two points, the next three give three points, and the 10th wave gives five points.

Ist dein Verstand scharf genug, um dir den Sieg in unserem ersten Community Battle 2023 zu sichern? 👀Beschütze die Burg deines Lieblings-Creators & miss dich mit anderen Communities in den Community Battles: Tower Defense.📅 30.01.2023, 10 Uhr⁉️…

The winning team will receive the spray. Everyone who completes a challenge, regardless of whether or not they win the whole thing, will get the reward.

The following streamers were available on Tabor Hill's match. Presumably, they will be the same for everyone:

  • Alvi
  • Beatvertrag
  • Creptor
  • DaveNite
  • DerTimo
  • DJ Anady
  • Flashisan
  • HeyStan
  • Iplaytobi
  • katoo
  • Magican
  • Markey
  • MiCRO

Fortnite players can choose anyone they want, but they would do well to choose wisely. Coordinating with friends to work together on defending a tower may be beneficial to gain the most points.

Fortnite players must defend against zombies (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite players must defend against zombies (Image via Epic Games)

According to TaborHill, HeyStan will do the Giga Chad meme spray if he wins, so it may be useful to consider what spray each creator might pick.

Fortnite players have from now until February 5th to get involved and potentially win the challenge.

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