Fortnite: Steamy Stacks destroyed by mysterious purple cube following v18.10 update

Steamy Stacks now has a gaping hole after the latest update that happened earlier today (Image via Twitter/ Hypex)
Steamy Stacks now has a gaping hole after the latest update that happened earlier today (Image via Twitter/ Hypex)
Avhinandan Chakraborty

Fortnite players are in for some massive map changes throughout the season, something they had expected would happen with the launch of the Season 8 update. While many players were disappointed that not too many map changes had occurred, others knew that Epic Games was holding on to the changes. They would gradually be released throughout the entire season.

The first significant POI change came through in the latest v18.10 update. Steamy Stacks has been partially destroyed as it was predicted will happen a few days ago.

Welcome to the War Effort, recruit. JB Chimpanksi has a plan to save the Island, but we’re going to need your help to pull it off. Find out how you can choose which weapons and items will be unlocked to help fight back The Cubes!

Fortnite released a video a few days ago showing characters running towards Steamy Stacks that has a crater. Players can now hop on to the game and spot the hole in front of the factory vents.

Steamy Stacks changes after Fortnite v18.10 update

After today's update, players who drop into Steamy Stacks will find a massive hole in front of the main building. A pool of water has filled that hole. The culprit is sitting a few yards out of the crime scene. A new cube has appeared on the spot, and players can find a watery trail leading up to the Cube from the crater.

Steamy has now been destroyed!

This suggests that the Cube is the one that made the crater in the first place. The Cube must have been hiding underneath the factory all this time, and it came out making a gaping hole in the POI.

This marks the first of many changes that are still to come to the island during Fortnite Season 8. The Cubes are moving around the island and seem to be following the Queen Cube.

#Fortnite Map Change Thread πŸ—ΊοΈSteamy Stacks πŸŸͺA new cubic friend has appeared over at Steamy Stacks. Be careful when landing there because there's plenty of destruction. You will also see a cube goo trail leading straight to our new friend

More Awakening phases are also expected to occur, which will see the Queen Cube zap the Kevins, and a little later, multiple baby cubes will spawn around the area.

This is turning out to be one of the most mysterious seasons of Fortnite, and players do not have a lot of clues about what the Cubes are planning to do with the island.

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