Fortnite Symbiote Clash: Can you get both Carnage and Venom canisters together?

The Fortnite Symbiote Clashes are turning out to be quite exciting (Image via MJPWGaming/Twitter)
The Fortnite Symbiote Clashes are turning out to be quite exciting (Image via MJPWGaming/Twitter)

The new season has barely started, and the island is already becoming an arena for Fortnite Symbiote clashes. A few hours ago, mysterious canisters began appearing all over the island, and before players even realized what had happened, they were being grabbed out of the air by opponents.

These new Mythic items are currently broken to an extent. However, the community is delighted with the way they work. Loopers can grab unsuspecting opponents and pull them in close for shotgun eliminations or box them in for a quick scan.

Keep an eye out for Symbiote Canisters on the Island πŸ‘€Bond with the Symbiote and wreak some havoc with the powers of #Venom or #Carnage

However, despite these new Mythic items being so powerful, there is one minor drawback that users will have to contend with. While it's not game-breaking by any means, it is a bit disheartening.

Can players collect both Carnage and Venom canisters during the Fortnite Symbiote Clash?

Sadly, no. Gamers can only collect and use one at a time. If they try to pick up another canister while already carrying one, the one in the inventory will automatically eject itself to the ground.

It goes without saying that the developers have put a lot of thought into the Fortnite Symbiote clash. Given that symbiotes in the comics bond with one host at a time, it only makes sense that players will be allowed to use either one at any given time.

#Fortnite Carnage Symbiote Mythic Item Gameplay:- Venom and Carnage spawn in at each zone in canisters- Grab deals 60 damage and pulls enemy- Cooldown of 10 seconds- Glider re-deploy- Increased speed- You still take Fall damage- You can only use 1 at a time

Where to find the Carnage and Venom canisters during the Fortnite Symbiote Clash, and other details

Technically, although these items should spawn all over the island, players are mostly finding them in and around Corny Crops. It's unclear why this is the case, but perhaps it has something to do with the storyline or a technical glitch.

Going back to the items themselves, they are extremely powerful. Loopers can use them to mow down defenses and natural structures with ease.

In theory, an entire squad equipped with either the Carnage or Venom Symbiote would be a fearful sight to behold.

In addition to the severe damage, users will get a speed and jump boost while having a Symbiote attached. They can even jump off builds from a certain height and redeploy without the need for a launchpad.

It goes without saying that while the Fortnite Symbiote clash is active, players will enjoy maximum mobility in-game.

Although these Mythics are powerful, there are a few things that gamers need to keep in mind while using them.

For starters, they have a cooldown timer that lasts for 10 seconds. Failing to hit the target means that the item can no longer be used to attack for a short duration, rendering users open to counterattacks.

Forget host. Forget symbiote. There is only Carnage.

Furthermore, the main drawback is that these Symbiotes do not spawn everywhere, making them ultra-rare. Players will often fight to secure one, which at times is not worth the effort.

Nonetheless, for those who enjoy the item's mechanics or want to cosplay with a full set, fighting over it will be well worth the effort and risk.

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