Fortnite YouTuber leaves everyone shook after earning 2.5 million XP in a single game

Record-breaking XP match (Image via TG Plays on YouTube)
Record-breaking XP match (Image via TG Plays on YouTube)
Zachary Roberts

There are tons of impressive Guinness World Records held by Fortnite players. Ship's record for the most wins and tons of other impressive records out there will likely not be topped any time soon. One record has recently been broken twice, with the latest one likely to stay awhile.

The initial record for XP earned in a single match with no glitches was over 600,000. It was broken by YouTuber TG Plays, who earned over a million XP in one match and then broke it again with two million. A new record has now been set.

Fortnite player breaks single match XP record in an insane game

There are many ways to earn lots of XP in a single match. Players can leave challenges available and try to complete them all at once, and having supercharged XP helps a lot, too.

@DonaldMustard I built the biggest Fortnite wall and I wanted to know if I send a picture can this get in a world record? I did this with a friend!

This player had a lot to do if they were going to surpass two million XP in one match. Monarch XP tokens are available for about 18,000 XP to level them up, which would grant another 100,000 XP.


They landed at the Spider-Man Mythic Web Shooters, which were part of a challenge they quickly completed. In just a few moments, with an XP token, they had earned almost 200,000 XP.

A second XP token found near Haven's Oasis granted them another 150,000. With another one close by, they quickly neared 500,000 XP.

Monarch Xp tokens were a big help in this record (Image via Epic Games)
Monarch Xp tokens were a big help in this record (Image via Epic Games)

The first storm circle was very advantageous as it allowed the YouTuber to collect a few more tokens, bringing the total to 641,000 before heading to the zone. Completing a challenge along the way brought the total to 666,000.

A few more tokens had them in over one million Fortnite XP before the storm began to close in. They continued that process, occasionally entering the storm to grab a few stray tokens, always carrying heals to make sure they could keep going.

Ultimately, after collecting a few more tokens and completing a couple of challenges, they ended up with over 2.5 million XP but were unable to get to Victory Royale and had to settle for fourth place.

The new Fortnite world record has to be a nice consolation prize, which they now hold in insane fashion. The comments on the video and the overall metrics (nearly 300 thousand views and 14 thousand likes) show how impressive this feat was.

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