How exactly are 'sweats' ruining Fortnite? Addressing the never ending try-hards vs casual debate

Soccer skins have become synonymous with sweats (Image via Epic Games)
Soccer skins have become synonymous with sweats (Image via Epic Games)

There are two types of players in Fortnite: sweats and casuals. Sweats are the group that many players dislike, while it's likely that casuals make up the majority of the player base. While ultimately it's impossible to know who a player is, several signs can indicate the level of sweat a player might be dealing with. This includes the type of skin they are wearing, how they attack (people who rush straight into build fights as soon as they see someone are often sweats), and other factors.

Casuals believe that sweats are ruining Fortnite. Sweats think that casuals just need to get better at the game. It's a never-ending debate that will never end, despite what anyone tries to say, but it's worth taking a look at regardless.

Fortnite: Looking at the sweats vs casuals debate

Ultimately, there are two groups of players in Fortnite. Those who try hard (hence the name tryhard) and those who are just looking for fun. Video games are often a way for people to unwind and have fun, and facing someone who plays like a sweat can often lead people to believe that sweats ruin Fortnite. Is that the case, though?

Fortnite build battles are often had by sweats (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite build battles are often had by sweats (Image via Epic Games)

Many players feel frustrated that the game doesn't feel fun when they have to fight sweats. It's supposed to be fun, but feeling frightened for their in-game lives at all times isn't fun. It's just stressful, and that's generally not what Fortnite players are going for. It's why they feel as if sweats ruin Fortnite because they make it significantly less fun.

I'm opinion, Sweats ruin fortnite

On the other side of the argument, everyone in the lobby is trying to win (apart from bots, but they're still programmed to at least try winning). While many players do exert more effort than others, they're all fighting for the same goal. Getting a Victory Royale is a feeling rivaled by few others, so why wouldn't people try to get them?

Skill-based matchmaking doesn't appear to have any effect on it, either. There's no way for casuals to avoid sweats, which is why it may be prudent for them to take the sweats admittedly harsh advice and "get good."

@HollywoodJohnYT "You can only Retweet if you think sweats ruined fortnite"sweats didn't ruin fortnite, you're just bad.

Either way, this debate won't end, and neither side will ever be satisfied (though sweats are probably not that worried about casuals, in all honesty). However, both sides need to understand the other, which can alleviate tension and hostility.

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