How to get the Gamora skin in Fortnite Season 7

Gamora outfit bundle in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Gamora outfit bundle in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Yet another Marvel crossover arrives in Fortnite, and this time it is Guardians of the Galaxy. The first to arrive is the eldest daughter of Thanos, Gamora. Epic Games has added the green alien avenger to the game and fans are already excited to get her outfit as soon as possible.

Gamora's arrival in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 makes perfect sense as she too is an alien, just like the ones from the storyline. She also comes with an exciting bundle of items that includes a sword pickaxe that players can swing around the island whilst donning her skin.

Originally, it was the Star Lord skin, a character played by the popular Hollywood actor Chris Pratt, that was rumored to come to Fortnite. However, as Epic Games adds Gamora to its roster, it seems like a much bigger Guardians of the Galaxy crossover is on the horizon

Gamora skin will be available in the Fortnite item shop

The Gamora outfit will arrive in the item shop without any challenges and it will, unfortunately, be a paid skin for 1,500 V-bucks. Epic Games has announced that Gamora will be released on Saturday, August 14, at 8PM ET.

Gamora arrives in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Gamora arrives in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

However, for those who love Marvel and splashing money on Fortnite, Gamora will not arrive alone. She will be paired up with Star-Lord in the Item Shop on August 14 at 8pm ET.

Grab the entire bundle, including Gamora’s Cloak Back Bling, Godslayer Pickaxe, and the Godslayer Glideboard.

Get the Gamora skin early by winning the Gamora Cup

Players will have the chance to win Gamora's Outfit and Cloak Back Bling early by participating in the Gamora Cup that begins on August 11th. This is a duo tournament following the classic Fortnite cup format for points.

Gamora cup in Fortnite starts on August 11th (Image via Epic Games)
Gamora cup in Fortnite starts on August 11th (Image via Epic Games)

Duos will have to play and win as many points as they can in 10 games. They will have three hours to play these ten games, and the top-performing teams in each region will receive the rewards.

If teams are unable to win these rewards, they need not worry as they can just get the 'Daughter of Thanos' spray by gaining 8 points in the Gamora Cup.

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