Lego Fortnite Star Wars collaboration leaked dialogue teases throwbacks to the galaxy far, far away

Lego Fortnite Star Wars collaboration leaked dialogue surface online (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite||X/luluufortnite)
The Lego Fortnite Star Wars collaboration leaked dialogue surfaces online (Image via Epic Games || X/luluufortnite)

With the upcoming Lego Fortnite Star Wars collaboration just a few days away, leakers/data miners are starting to get their hands on in-game content. While not much has been revealed, leaked dialogues provide some insight into the type of interactions players will have with NPCs in-game. They were found by ShiinaBR and FN_Assist.

Coming back to the leak, while it is unknown which NPC(s) these leaked dialogues are associated with, they are proof that the Lego Fortnite Star Wars collaboration will be amazing.

If nothing else, it is evident that Disney is still building the world of Star Wars within the Metaverse. Rather than having generic NPCs, it appears they will share some hilarious and witty dialogues while interacting with players. That said, here is more on the topic.

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Lego Fortnite Star Wars collaboration leaked dialogues are funny and witty

As mentioned, leakers/data miners have gotten hold of several leaked dialogues. Here are all of them and a speculative breakdown of what they could pertain to:

A character from Star Wars was likely rifted into LEGO Fortnite and is now coming to their senses:

"Bright suns! Um, I mean, the sun sure is bright! Why did I say it that way...?"

A character talks about the possibility of life in other faraway galaxies:

"Do you ever think about what life is like in the other galaxies out there?"

Electrical short-circuited:


Likely use of Force Power (Mind Control) gone wrong:

"OH! Sorry, I was just pretending I had a big laser sword."

Reference to Darth Vader:

"You want a fun prank idea? I've been going around telling people I'm their father!"

Reference to The Force and believing in it:

"Most people say "no" or "that's not true" or "that's impossible" but some folks really believe it for a second!"

Reference to Star Wars lore:

"I've been having this recurring dream lately! These visitors show up from a galaxy far, far away..."

Banter possibility related to lore:

" least, I think they do? Last night feels like such a long time ago!"

For the time being, these are all the leaked dialogues that have been discovered thus far. Given the scope and sheer scale of the Lego Fortnite Star Wars collaboration, there could be a few dozen in total.

More information about the content planned for the Lego Fortnite Star Wars collaboration could begin to surface this week. It will officially go live on May 3, 2024.

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