Fortnite leaks showcase content for upcoming Star Wars x LEGO update

Star Wars x LEGO update could contain a lot of new content (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite||X/ImoortalGent)
Star Wars x LEGO update could contain a lot of new content (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite||X/ImoortalGent)

According to recent Fortnite leaks, the upcoming Star Wars collaboration celebrating Star Wars Day 2024 will likely contain a lot of content for LEGO Fortnite. The information was brought to light by veteran leaker/data-miner @jorge_most, who was sent an image showcasing the content Epic Games has planned.

Although there is no way to ascertain the authenticity of the image, trusted leakers/data-miners such as FN_Assist and HYPEX are somewhat convinced that it is legitimate. Here is everything that's been rumored about the upcoming Star Wars x LEGO Fortnite content update so far.

LEGO Fortnite leaks showcase a plethora of content for Star Wars Day

Based on the image that was sent to @jorge_most, a number of things can be inferred. For starters, it would seem that a few LEGO Fortnite Star Wars NPCs will be added to the game for the collaboration. They will function as normal villagers and will likely be encountered while exploring the open world. Some of them could be featured as NPCs in Battle Royale as well. This has been a timeless tradition since the first Star Wars collaboration.

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Speaking of characters, based on older leaks, some of the Star Wars NPCs will be featured as skins as well. The Chewbacca skin and Rebel Leia Organa are prime candidates at the moment. But, the list of possible characters also includes Death Troopers, Wookie Warriors, 3PO Droids, and Rebel Soldiers.

It would seem that Stormtrooper encounters will likely replace the current hostile enemies during the Star Wars collaboration. Given that there are numerous enemy types in LEGO Fortnite, we need more Fortnite leaks or official information to confirm this theory.

Speaking of theories, while Lightsaber Pickaxes are still not a thing in-game, they will likely be added to LEGO as per recent Fortnite leaks. It's unclear if Force Powers will also be featured, but it is a possibility nonetheless. Lastly, X-Wings and Tie Fighters could be added in some way to LEGO Fortnite as well. However, with flying mechanics being rudimentary at the moment, players may not be able to fly them in-game.

When will the upcoming Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration go live?

Epic Games has confirmed that the collaboration will go live on May 3, 2024, soon after the current Avatar: The Last Airbender collaboration comes to an end. Going by previous trends, the collaboration will likely run until the end of Chapter 5 Season 2 or end just shy of the season coming to a close.

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