Monopoly is all set to join the Fortnite Metaverse

Back Blings will be the first incorporation of Monopoly in Fortnite's Season 8 (Image via Epic Games)
Back Blings will be the first incorporation of Monopoly in Fortnite's Season 8 (Image via Epic Games)

Popular property-owning board game Monopoly has recently been uncovered as Fortnite's next mashup. Several images were decrypted by data miners that revealed Monopoly items arriving to the in-game shop.

It will be interesting to see if this collaboration delivers on the excitement or becomes one of the most disliked in Fortnite's history.

Fortnite's next crossover features Monopoly through cosmetic additions

As data miners uncovered leaks revolving around the Monopoly collaboration, they stumbled across the first wave that included a set of Back Blings resembling the board game's character pieces.

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There seem to be 8 different options for Fortnite players to choose from. Each design mimics a game piece, ranging from the iconic dog to the signature top hat.

Not much else has been concretely discovered, but many suspect that a Monopoly Man skin will be a part of the set that is currently named Set_01. More revelations are sure to follow in the future, but in the meantime, Fortnite will bring these cosmetics to the in-game shop for players to purchase.

The Fortnite Monopoly board game came out a few years ago, so seeing a collaboration isn't that hard to believe. Having said that, the in-between time gap might confuse players.

However, most of Fortnite's collaborations are released around the time of the other half's debut, like the Thanos Cup near Marvel's Infinity War and Endgame.

Some elements that might change for Fortnite are the named locations on the island. Monopoly is all about owning properties and named locations on the board, so changing the name of a popular destination could be ideal for this collaboration.

Be on the lookout for further leaks across Twitter, and head to the in-game shop when these Back Blings are released to embody the Monopoly style.

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