Where to find The Last Airbender Iceberg in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

(Image via Epic Games/Fortnite||X/Z0m6ieLeaks)
Here's the location of the Last Airbender Iceberg (Image via Epic Games || X/Z0m6ieLeaks)

The Last Airbender Iceberg in Fortnite can be found far east of Classy Courts or far north of Grand Glacier. It can be found just off the coast of the island (top right). Given its sheer size, missing it is near impossible. It's visible from the Battle Bus itself. However, it's a bit isolated from the main island, which could make returning to the main island a rather daunting task at times.

Nevertheless, as it's tied into the upcoming Avatar collaboration, you'll eventually (perhaps) need to visit The Iceberg. This could be due to a quest-related task or to simply admire the icy sphere.

Here's everything we know about The Last Airbender Iceberg in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2.

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The Last Airbender Iceberg in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2: Everything we know

So, what is The Last Airbender Iceberg? Aside from it being a Landmark that is currently in-game as of update v19.10, it is a sphere of ice; within it, Aang and Appa can be seen frozen solid. Given they're rumored to be featured on the upcoming Avatar Battle Pass, this in-game teaser signifies the upcoming collaboration.

At the moment, aside from visiting The Last Airbender Iceberg to explore the area, there isn't much else that you can do. On that note, since this Landmark has been added to the game today (April 2, 2024), it will be rather popular. If you plan on landing here to explore, keep in mind that things can get dangerous. Other players will try to land and explore the area as well.

Consider playing with a friend to make the landing easier when trying to explore or visit The Last Airbender Iceberg toward mid-game, if The Storm permits. While visiting this Landmark in-game will be worth the effort, don't take the risk if the situation does not permit. Try to be the first to land and search chests to acquire weapons and loot. This should make securing the area easier.

Do keep in mind that The Last Airbender Iceberg will not stay in-game forever. Once the Fortnite Last Airbender collaboration kicks off, the icy sphere will likely crack open and either melt or disappear and/or be replaced in-game.

Note: The Fortnite Last Airbender collaboration is speculated to begin next week.

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