No Build Fortnite has split the community into two, and there's no going back

Fortnite community split between building and no build mode (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite community split between building and no build mode (Image via Sportskeeda)

Taking building away from Fortnite was always a gamble and it might not have worked the way Epic Games wanted it to. The no-build mode was only a way to further the storyline as the IO arrived on the flipside. However, once fans got a taste of it, they wanted it to remain permanent.

By popular demand, Epic Games decided to keep the no-build mode in the game permanently. However, this has certainly split the community into two. Players now find themselves struggling to choose between the no-build LTM or the classic game mode.

It seems like Fortnite Battle Royale now has a completely new version, and players are slowly moving on from the older one. The move certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. However, it cannot be ignored that the community stands at a crossroads now.


Is the Fortnite no-build mode better than the classic mode?

At the outset, the answer to this question is a very subjective one. It depends entirely on the skill set of the individual and how they prefer to play the game. There are some who enjoy building and feel that it is essential to the game's authenticity and vibe. However, many feel that the few that are expert builders suck the fun out of the game for others.

Earlier, both these players were stuck playing in the same lobbies, and it wasn't as fun for everyone. However, with the option to play in different lobbies, players have started to pick their sides.

Having a "No Building" gamemode in fortnite is def the play to attract the casuals back but if you think competetive should have no building your an idiot & bad at the game

Without a doubt, the more competitive players are going to stick with the classic game mode with building. It also seems like Epic Games will stick with building for official tournaments, such as the FNCS.

Interestingly, the Fortnite Zero Build is preferred by more casual players who cannot grind for hundreds of hours to learn quick edits and super builds.

Haven't played fortnite in years, reinstalled to try out the no build mode, get a #1 first try.

Is Fortnite no-build mode a permanent addition to the game?

The community uproar forced Epic Games to keep the no-build mode as an LTM in the game. Clearly, this doesn't guarantee that the mode will remain within the game for good. Moreover, as the Zero Build mode starts to fill up with sweats, players will start returning to the classic Battle Royale mode.


The best way to keep everyone happy would be to keep the Zero Build LTM in a frequent rotation. This will allow players to get used to both modes and ensure that none of them get too boring after a while.

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