The seemingly endless Pokimane drama, and where it all began

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Pokimane has had an interesting year or so. Every other day, it seems like a new story pops up about her ever-controversial life. Of late, she has seen quite a lot of criticism levied against her for a multitude of reasons.

The Pokimane drama began when the internet took notice of the streamer's inability to deal with constructive criticism. Shortly after, many took a dig at her fans, who tend to go overboard when showing appreciation for the 24-year-old. This trait ended up bagging her fans the 'simp' label, a term used for men who are overly appreciative of women.

Pokimane has in the past done and said some things that have irked the gaming community as well. This includes the time she was caught swearing and using the N-word live on stream. There are many other incidents, as well.

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Pokimane: Why do people love to hate her?

One of the most notable incidents that took place was when YouTuber ItsAGundam posted a video mocking Pokimane's 'simp' fan base, and the Morocco-born star responded by encouraging her fans to give negative feedback to his content.

Furthermore, she even went on a rant against ItsAGundam's sponsors, something which was not at all appreciated by people online. Moreover, in May 2020, we saw notable YouTuber Keemstar accusing Pokimane of lying about having a boyfriend so that she could continue receiving donations from 'sad, lonely boys'. He went on to call the Fortnite star 'fake' and 'pathetic', as you can see below.

This was also in response to the sponsors incident, as explained by Keemstar in the tweet below.

In the past, Pokimane has shed light on her feelings, and said that women streamers get treated differently. She explained that male influencers have fans who are more willing to forgive and forget their mistakes. On the other hand, women are quickly judged and criticised for every mistake they make.

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There might, no doubt, be some truth to this statement, as we have seen how Pokimane's 'simp' fans have not shied away from using derogatory terms such as 'thicc' when describing her. This is also something the content creator has been angry about in the past.

Finally, while Pokimane has talked about things and tried to explain her perspective, people on the internet are not done making fun of her. A few days ago, we saw a YouTuber called void posting a diss track about Poki.

You can watch the entire track in the video below:

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