Darth Vader Fortnite skin possibly leaked during Unreal Engine livestream

A look at Darth Vader in his own comic series (Image via Marvel Comics)
A look at Darth Vader in his own comic series (Image via Marvel Comics)

Rumors and leaks are pointing towards the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, making his way to Fortnite.

Epic Games has delivered some of the most astounding media crossovers ever. The battle royale has playable character skins from many iconic franchises, including a handful from Star Wars.


The partnership doesn't look to be ending any time soon. Eagle-eyed viewers and prominent leakers in the community have all spotted a folder with the word 'Vader' in it during an Unreal Engine livestream.

Unreal Engine livestream is just another sign pointing towards Darth Vader in Fortnite

There are several reasons why Darth Vader may end up as a skin in the battle royale in Chapter 3 Season 2 or shortly after the beginning of Chapter 3 Season 3. Recent events make it seem more likely.

However, all of this should be considered rumors and speculation until anything official is announced by Epic Games, but that doesn't mean fans can't get excited about what's to potentially come in the game.

During the State of Unreal showcase there was a segment showing the Intro Cinematic for Ch3 - S1.On the second monitor you can see some folders such as:- Family Guy- Chapter 3 - Season 3 Jones- Chapter 3 - Season 3 - Vader- Doomand some other filesSpotted by @polaqwym

Renowned Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey shared a screen grab from the State of Unreal livestream. While they were showing off the cinematic introduction video for Chapter 3 Season 1, he spotted something on the second monitor.

Several folders and files with names indicating upcoming skins for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 were seen. One of those is none other than the red lightsaber-wielding Darth Vader.

DARTH VADER MIGHT BECOME A SKIN IN SEASON 3A folder called "C3S3_VADER" was spotted in the official Unreal Engine livestream!(via @polaqwym & @FNBRintel)

This file was further confirmed by another notable leaker by the name of Shiina. Two of the game's most trusted sources for this kind of information are all aboard the hype train on this one.

This also isn't the first time a tease for Darth Vader has been found. Back in November, Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard shared a video with Darth Vader in the background.

📢 In Donald Mustard's video you can see possible new teasers that would arrive:• Darth Vader• C-3PO• A book that is from Gravity FallsI remind you that Donald has already hinted in this way before.#Fortnite

With the Obi-Wan Kenobi show coming to Disney+ in May, fans are hoping to see plenty of tie-ins. The title character of Kenobi and his former friend turned to the dark side in Darth Vader are at the top of that list.

Whether the files shown in the Unreal Engine livestream are just a tease or if it will be released in the game at some point, Fortnite fans know that if Darth Vader enters the fray, he can't arrive soon enough.

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