Fortnite may return to iOS soon due to policy changes

Fortnite may return to iOS soon due to policy changes
A new insider report suggests that sideloading could pave the way for Fortnite's return to iOS (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite fans awaiting the game's return to iOS devices may see that happen sometime in the future. Recent reports from industry insider Mark Gurman suggest that the EU App Store will soon implement a sideloading feature, allowing developers like Epic Games to publish apps and games on the App Store without Apple's approval.

The removal of Fortnite from the Apple App Store was a crucial moment in the game's history, serving as Epic Games' stand against Apple's store policies following a high-stakes disagreement.

How Fortnite could return to the EU App Store, according to new reports

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The game's exile from the App Store during Chapter 2 Season 3 left iOS players stuck in a time capsule, with no updates or map changes out for the operating system. However, Mark Gurman's recent revelation about the imminent sideloading feature in the EU App Store has sparked speculation and hope about the game's return to iOS.

Sideloading will empower developers and publishers to distribute applications on the App Store without having to go through Apple's meticulous approval process, potentially opening an avenue for Fortnite to return to the brand's devices.

However, it's important to note that Epic Games has not yet provided any comments on this development, creating uncertainty and anticipation within the community. The possible integration of a sideloading feature offers a potential workaround to previous disputes between Apple and Epic Games over payment methods and fees that led to the game's exclusion from the App Store.

The implications of the game's return to the app store go well beyond just game accessibility for iOS players. While players would undoubtedly be thrilled to explore Chapter 5 Season 1, the App Store also serves as a colossal platform with millions of active users, providing a significant community for developers.

Epic Games' reunion with Apple will not only restore the game's presence on the App Store but also rekindle its popularity among Apple device owners, especially with how much Fortnite has changed between Chapter 2 Season 3, and Chapter 5 Season 1.

As the industry continues to navigate the complexity of the relationships between platform providers and developers, the potential introduction of the sideloading feature in the EU App Store may signify a shift in the dynamics of app distribution.

Whether this new development leads to the game's triumphant return to iOS devices remains uncertain. Still, it adds a new dimension of intrigue to the ongoing sage between Apple and Epic Games.

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