Should you use edit on release option in Fortnite Chapter 3 (& why pros don't)

Edit on Release setting in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Edit on Release setting in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Edit on Release is a bone of contention among Fortnite pros around the world. While some, like Clix, have turned off the setting, World Cup winners like Bugha have turned it on.

Naturally, casual players and aspiring pros in the community are concerned about whether they should use Edit on Release in Chapter 3. Such a minor move can significantly change in their playstyle, and eventually, affect their performance in major tournaments.

Here's everything to know about Edit on Release in Fortnite and why most pros don't use it.

What is Edit on Release in Fortnite?

Edit on Release, as the name suggests, is a setting that allows players to confirm their edits right after selecting the tiles. However, with the setting turned off, they have to press the edit key again to confirm the move.

Never realized how much "confirm edit on release' mattered until today. I played a fortnite build from season 6 and it was almost impossible to pull off edits. I can only side jump lmao

In casual gameplay, this setting does not cause a lot of difference. In contrast, pros can literally win or lose tournaments with their editing preferences.

One of the biggest reasons that Edit on Release is recommended is the movement advantage. If loopers can confirm their edits without pressing the edit key, they can use their finger (which would have been on the edit key with Edit on Release off) to move and defend themselves better.

This movement can be best used in close range box fights where the aim is to make a standard peanut butter edit and peek right towards the opponent.


Why Fortnite pros do not use Edit on Release

If Edit on Release was flawless, it certainly would have been the meta. However, it isn’t, because there are some shortcomings as well.


Apparently, with Edit on Release on, players can severely harm their crosshair placement and focus. Often, they'll have to confirm the edits before placing themselves in a good position to peak.

The only way to tackle this problem is by going to the left corner of the wall and then editing, which doesn't seem to be feasible in a majority of fast-paced, high level competitive matches.

The right-hand peek following the peanut butter edit is unarguably the most common strategy in close range Fortnite fights. Pros are bound to master this strategy and use a setting that works best for them.


The best players on both PC and controller prefer Edit on Release off for the aforementioned reasons. Naturally, there are exceptions like Bugha.

Hence, players who are still confused about their settings in professional games should extensively test both the options and decide what's best for them. Personal preference and playstyle is a more credible parameter than any other data.

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