"The game's gone soft": New Fortnite Emote setting leaves the community divided

"The game
The Fortnite community is not feeling the Confrontational Emotes setting (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite's vast library of emotes has become an integral part of the game's experience, allowing players to express themselves on the battlefield and even communicate with enemies to an extent. However, within this vast library, there are certain emotes that are more toxic and confrontational than others, and Epic Games is looking to address this with the upcoming Confrontational Emotes setting.

The new setting aims to cut down on player experiences where they feel confronted or called out by certain emotes like Laugh It Up or Take The L. While Epic Games' intention behind this new setting seems to be noble, the community is polarized about this new setting. Reputed news source @FNBRFeed on X stated:

"The game's gone soft"

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Comments from the Fortnite community (Image via X)
Comments from the Fortnite community (Image via X)

The announcement of the upcoming Confrontational Emotes setting has invited a flurry of reactions and opinions from members of the Fortnite community. X user @LukasThePickle pointed out how a lot of emotes are built around the idea of being confrontational, so introducing the new setting is a weird choice from the developers.

X user @postboxpat theorized that these changes could be due to Epic Games' partnership with Disney since Disney has been previously criticized for trying to remove all controversial content from its movies and shows. X user @Swearin_, on the other hand, expressed how they will be turning the setting on once it comes out just so they don't have to hear the Laugh It Up Fortnite emote again.

Expressing their opinion and pointing out how the new setting should not be a big deal, X user @franxbz commented:

"I think it's a correct decision, it's optional and users can choose it. There are a lot of bitter people who find happiness by annoying others."

When will the Confrontational Emotes setting be implemented into Fortnite?

Players will be able to turn on the Confrontational Emotes setting when it's introduced in tomorrow's (April 23, 2024) update, the Fortnite v29.30 patch update. The setting, while controversial, aims to cut down on toxic interactions on the battlefield, promoting a more friendly experience for players. Given below is a list of all the emotes this setting will affect:

  • Laugh It Up
  • Take the L
  • Whipcrack
  • Make It Plantain

If you choose to turn on this new setting, players performing any of the four mentioned emotes will appear to stand still without the Emote animations or sound associated with the Emote, allowing you to avoid confrontational or toxic scenarios.

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