Tones and I hit song 'Dance Monkey' to become a Fortnite Icon Series emote

It's nearly time to do the "Dance Monkey" in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Image via Sportskeeda)
It's nearly time to do the "Dance Monkey" in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Image via Sportskeeda)
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When it comes to pop culture and music, Fortnite has become a torchbearer. Aside from the massive in-game concerts, the developers are fond of adding popular songs and their dance moves in-game as emotes.

With Chapter 3 now in full swing and the 19.10 update complete, a few new emotes will soon be coming to the game. According to the leakers, Toni Watson, better known as Tones and I's breakout single "Dance Monkey," is set to become the next big Icon Series emote.

It will become available in the item shop on January 19, 2022, at 7.00 PM Eastern Time. While the developers did upload a video to YouTube to showcase the emote, it has since been unlisted. Thankfully, Flipsiders can watch the video via the tweet above.

Tones and I to feature as the next Soundwave Series performer in Fortnite Chapter 3

Dance dance dance at the Fortnite Soundwave Series 💃The series continues with @tonesandimusic on January 21 at 6 PM ET.Shout out to @fn_alliance and @TheBoyDilly for building this experience 🎉

Tones and I's Soundwave Series show will commence on January 21, 2022, from 6:00 pm Eastern Time. To ensure every player gets a chance to participate in this interactive experience, the show will play back-to-back for 72 hours. It will come to a close on January 24, 6.00 PM Eastern Time.

To partake in the show, players can either enter the "Soundwave Series: Tones and I" title or use the island code: 5462-3620-7544 to manually enter. All show participants will receive the Soundwave Series - Tones And I Spray as a memento. Players can even earn some XP on their second playthrough.

Fortnite players like to move it, move it!

With a brand new map, gorgeous cosmetics, and more players than ever before, just one Icon Series emote wasn't going to cut in. In addition to "Dance Monkey", a track made famous by zoo animals will soon be added in-game.

According to the leakers, the hit track "I Like to Move It" by the artists - Reel 2 Real - will soon be added in-game. Although the track was released in 1994, it only gained major traction after being featured in the 2005 film - Madagascar.

New "I Like To Move It" ICON Emote!!(via @ralisdumb)

While early footage of the upcoming Fortnite Icon Series emote is available, it's unclear when it will be added to the item shop. Since one will already be dropping on January 19, it's unlikely that this one will feature on the same day. Hopefully, the data miners will be able to provide a timeline soon.

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