More Arcane skins coming to Fortnite Chapter 3, starting with Vi

Vi will punch her way into Fortnite as the next 'Arcane' skin (Image via Sportskeeda)
Vi will punch her way into Fortnite as the next 'Arcane' skin (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Fortnite's collaboration with Riot Games is about to see its next installation of cosmetics that pairs with the recently-released TV show, Arcane. Jinx, a character from the show, came to Epic Games' Battle Royale success last year, and another character from the show will further the skin pool.

This crossover has merged two fan bases and brought Fortnite and League of Legends players together. Soon, a new line of accessories will be available for players to deck themselves out in.

Vi skin coming to fortnite which means I can catch the Jinx skin this rotationIt was nice having a wallet

Epic has spread its roots deep within several universes in the last few months, heightening the excitement from the rising TV show's involvement.

Vi to land in Fortnite as next 'Arcane' skin

As one of the main characters in the series and the sister of Jinx, the first skin in the series, Vi's appearance should be expected, as leaks across social media confirm her skin in the works. Popular data miner Hypex sent out a reminder to those who missed the initial leak given out prior.

ICYMI: Fortnite are collabing with Arcane League of Legends again, this time the skin is Vi!

From the looks of it, Vi will receive her own cosmetic line, just like Jinx did last year. She'll have a harvesting tool, back bling, emote, and loading screen that mostly point to her personality and character traits displayed in Arcane.

Some fans are a little skeptical of the designs chosen by Epic, however, as Vi's harvesting tool doesn't align well with her weapon of choice. Jayce, another character in the show, wields the massive hammer depicted in the tweet above while Vi uses her gauntlets.

@iFireMonkey Epic is gonna make alot of leauge player pissed by giving vi a jayce pick axe why do this fortnite has gauntlet pick axes why couldn't they reskin the iron Man variants to make it look more accurate then doing this like come on

True Arcane fans might be a little frustrated with the slight error/miscommunication from the Epic team. However, Vi's skin isn't out yet, so nothing is set in stone until that point.

Aside from that minor crack in her design, Fortnite and Arcane fans are eagerly awaiting her release with V-Bucks ready in their accounts. More details should flow as Vi's debut in the game inches near.

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