Top 5 reasons why a Fortnite x The Weeknd would break the internet

Will a The Weeknd skin arrive in Fortnite ever? (Image via Bradurz/Twitter)
Will a The Weeknd skin arrive in Fortnite ever? (Image via Bradurz/Twitter)

Over the years, a plethora of reputed music artists have been immortalized in Fortnite with their own skins. Just to name a few, these include Travis Scott, J Balvin, and Marshmello . Fans now want The Weeknd to be a part of this star-studded list.

The Weeknd is arguably one of the most popular artists in the world right now, and here's why his skin in Fortnite will take the internet by storm.

Why Fortnite needs to add The Weeknd skin

1) Blinding Lights emote needs a signature skin

Blinding Lights is The Weeknd's most popular song, and Fortnite already has an emote based on it. It comes as no surprise that the emote is a massive hit among players, and the The Weekend skin would be an ideal match for it.


2) The Weeknd can have a concert in Fortnite to announce his skin

It is worth noting that the likes of Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, and Marshmello held live concerts in Fortnite before the launch of their skins in the Item Shop.

Millions of fans around the world attended these events together, which is enough to prove the influence of pop culture in Fortnite.

Which artists would you like to see in fortnite next? Honestly the Weeknd is the only one I really hope for! I love his music and an 80s themed concert would be amazing imo

Fortnite can organize a The Weeknd concert before the launch of his skin as well, and it would no doubt be one of the most iconic events in the game's history.

3) Celebrity skins in games have always gained attention

Interestingly, several artists and players have recreated The Weeknd in games through music videos and skin concepts.


A while ago, an animated music video of Blinding Lights was recreated in GTA 5 by a player. With over two million views and 100k likes, the video was heavily appreciated by fans. This proves that the demand for celebrity skins in games is sky-high, and Fortnite is no exception.

4) The Weeknd skin can have many selectable styles

Alongside his music, The Weeknd is also popular for his fashion. The pop star certainly knows what suits him best, and never fails to amaze fans with his getups in music videos as well as in real life.

Monochromatic fits are among The Weeknd's favorite clothing choices, and such designs are massively in demand in Fortnite too.

Fortnite players also love having a wide range of selectable styles with outfits, and Epic Games can add several unique styles to The Weeknd skin.

5) Fortnite X The Weeknd concepts

True to their nature, many Fortnite artists have previously come up with brilliant concepts for The Weeknd skin in Fortnite.

❗CONCEPT❗and if @theweeknd joined fortnite ?#Fortnite #FortniteSeason7 #FortniteConcept

The most famous concept art ever was by Twitter user Bradurz, who created a Blinding Lights-themed skin. The concept even had a selectable style that showcased the singer without sunglasses.

Don’t mind me I’m just manifesting what the The Weeknd X Fortnite could look like. Concept made by @Bradurz3D

Bradurz has uploaded more concepts related to The Weeknd recently, and has received a positive response from fans.

All in all, Fortnite already has a Blinding Lights emote which is a fan-favorite. A collaboration with The Weeknd which includes a concert and a skin certainly seems like a profitable move for the developers. The singer has the potential to break all records that have been set by other big names such as Ariana Grande.

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