Upcoming Fortnite x Nintendo skin leaks ahead of time

A potential new skin may have been leaked for Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
A potential new skin may have been leaked for Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite is known for bundling exclusive skins with the purchase of a Nintendo Switch, and it seems another may be on its way.

Popular Fortnite creator SinX6 took to YouTube with a new video of a skin they claim was revealed in a survey sent by Epic Games. It is said to be a part of an upcoming Nintendo Switch bundle.


The skin shown in the survey was only a concept, but did come with two different styles. Of course, all of this should be taken as speculation until made official by Epic Games, but it is interesting to see what they may have planned.

Nintendo Switch's Fortnite bundle skin concept leaked

Upcoming Switch Bundle concept skins revealed! #Fortnite

The skins in SinX6's video definitely look like they would correspond to a Nintendo Switch bundle. The character has no name, but is holding a set of pistols that match the original red and blue Joy-Con colors.

In the first style of the skin, the character is dressed in black and white. It is almost like a goth schoolgirl outfit, with an X on the top, and matching red and blue circles wrapping around the middle of her stockings and as earrings

The variant style shown in the video takes away the skirt and stockings. Instead, it replaces them with red athletic pants and white tennis shoes. The earrings change to full red and the top becomes a tank top, still with the X marking. She receives red sunglasses as well.

The pistols remain the same, however, and a set of bracelets go on her wrist with the respective blue and red guns, all making her just a bit more edgy.

I just noticed these appear to be two variants of the same skin and the pistols match the colors of the OG Nintendo Switch joycon colors so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a Nintendo Exclusive Bundle @FortniteGame @EpicGames #Fortnite #FortniteArt #FortniteConcept #Nintendo

After SinX6 revealed this potential Nintendo Switch exclusive skin, other Fortnite leakers took to Twitter to either back up the claim that this will soon be on the market or simply give their thoughts on it.

There have been previous Nintendo Switch exclusive skins such as Wildcat and Double Helix. They were tied to console purchases, so it makes sense if this one arrives as a console bundle rather than an online subscriber perk.

If this leaked Fortnite skin concept is a #NintendoSwitch exclusive, please let it be a #NintendoSwitchOnline perk (like PS Plus skins) and NOT tied to a console bundle. I don't need another Switch.Image credit: @FortniteBR

This would make the skin one of the rarest and most expensive skins available, because players would have to shell out the money to purchase a brand new Nintendo Switch console to obtain it.

It's not the first super expensive skin and it probably won't be the last. That is, of course, if it appearing in the Epic Games survey is true and the Fortnite developers decide to pull the trigger and make it a reality.

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