Viral Fortnite clip proves Peely is a pay-to-win skin 

The Peely skin in Fortnite is surprisingly pay-to-win (Image via Epic Games)
The Peely skin in Fortnite is surprisingly pay-to-win (Image via Epic Games)

Peely is easily one of the most popular Fortnite characters ever. The walking banana was introduced as a troll skin, but he has evolved into one of the most fascinating characters in the storyline over the years.

Peely isn't a single character but an entire tribe. Accordingly, there are many snapshots and cosmetics of him like Frozen Peely.

A player has discovered that all Peely skins in Fortnite are pay-to-win, and here's everything players need to know about it.

Hitbox glitch makes Peely hard to eliminate in Fortnite


A YouTuber recently posted a clip of him trying to shoot Peely's head through a car. He is one of the bulkiest skins in the game, owing to which his head pops out of the vehicle's roof.

Surprisingly, Peely's head takes no damage when inside a car. Kobes Shorts tried to shoot him with a Sniper Rifle, a Shotgun, and an Assault Rifle, but the results remained the same.

After spamming the bullets, the YouTuber concluded that Peely's head is genuinely invincible inside vehicles. In the comments, several loopers agreed that the hitbox on Peely is unusual, and it always causes issues while aiming for a headshot.

Peely doesn't fit its hitbox.. fair ✅

How is Peely skin in Fortnite pay-to-win?

To qualify as a pay-to-win item, cosmetics have to fulfill specific criteria. They should not be a free reward and should provide the owners with an unfair advantage.

oml, agent peely's hitbox is already bad enough, but this glitch makes it so much worse... >:O #Fortnite #XboxShare

Aside from the Frozen Peely skin, a free Winterfest reward, all other Peely skins in Fortnite can be called pay-to-win. They were either available for V-Bucks in the Item Shop or unlocked through the paid Battle Pass in some seasons.

Moreover, the absurd headshot mechanics aren't just restricted to vehicles. Even when the character is outside the car, a portion of his head is immune to bullets.

Definitely gonna continue using peely’s cuz someone walked in on me (full fledged sweat) and missed 3 shots cuz they shot above my hitbox

There are a ton of bulky outfits in Epic Games' Battle Royale game, but Peely is pay-to-win because he is hard to headshot. Missing a sniper shot due to a glitch is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating feelings ever.

Chapter 3 Season 1 is ongoing where the Spider-Man skin and its built-in emote are called pay-to-win for several reasons. Epic Games will undoubtedly want to be more careful with the upcoming cosmetics, as some players leave no opportunity to exploit minor bugs and glitches.

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