What’s new in the Fortnite Update 16.40? Orelia NPC, exotic revolver, new POI, leaked skins and more

Orelia can be found at Isla Nublada in Fortnite. Image via Twitter (@FortniteBRFeed)
Orelia can be found at Isla Nublada in Fortnite. Image via Twitter (@FortniteBRFeed)

The Fortnite 16.40 update was slightly heavy in terms of content. From new skins and weapons to new sets of challenges, this update saw it all.

With approximately 27 days remaining, today's update was probably the penultimate update for this season. While there wasn't a lot of development with the storyline, here's everything new in the Fortnite 16.40 update.

What's new in the Fortnite update 16.40: Weapons

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The Fortnite update today introduced two new weapons. The first one happened to be the Marksman Six Shooter exotic handgun. This weapon will probably be sold by the NPC Deadfire, as speculated previously by data miners.

The second weapon happens to be the Mythic Primal Assault Rifle. This weapon won't be sold by anyone. Instead, players will have to eliminate the Spire Guardians to get their hands on this weapon.

What's new in the Fortnite update 16.40: Skins, Characters and Cosmetic bundles

Orelia, the female Oro skin, happens to be the latest addition to the island. Although she's just an NPC, she'll probably receive her own skin in the near future.

Other than that, the Eclipse Ruby and Lyra skins were the newest additions to the game after the Fortnite update today. What's more interesting is that both these skins come with their own challenge packs, which contain missions with V-Bucks as completion rewards.

Catwoman and Beast Boy received their own respective skins too. It's estimated that the Catwoman skin will go live in the item shop on May 18th.

There were a few other skin bundles that were added to the game files, including Reverse2K's Locker bundle.

Apart from that, there's one really mysterious entry in the game files. For now it's just a place holder and it has no description whatsoever. Popular Fortnite data miner iFireMonkey believes that this is the Foreshadowing NPC.

What's new in the Fortnite update 16.40: Challenges and Quests

As is tradition with all the other Fortnite updates, this update too, saw the arrival of a list of upcoming challenges. Completing these weekly challenges grants players a good amount of XP.

In an interesting turn of events, the challenges for the Foreshadowing questline were also added. While the associated NPC hasn't been revealed yet, these quests do provide a small insight into the storyline this questline is trying to portray.

What's new in the Fortnite update 16.40: Locations and LTMs

The Fortnite update today introduced just one new POI to the game. In fact, it was introduced in the previous update, and it finally took shape in today's update. This POI is being called Isla Nublada, and is the home of Orelia, the female snapshot of Oro. This place has a castle that contains a golden Scar for players to pick up.

A host of LTMs were added in the Fortnite update today. A new LTM, known as Daybreak, was also added. This LTM has a PvP and a PvE mode, and it features it's own questline as well.

Players stand a chance to win an Umbrella in Fortnite provided they successfully win in this LTM.

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