Fortnite Season 6 leak might just have confirmed the return of Midas in a new avatar

Leaks suggest Midas may be coming to Fortnite Season 6. Image via Sportskeeda.
Leaks suggest Midas may be coming to Fortnite Season 6. Image via Sportskeeda.
Amitesh Dhar

Data miners have stumbled across some evidence in Fortnite game files that have led them to believe Midas is returning to the game. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 saw the arrival of Marigold, which happens to be a female snapshot of Midas and the late.

The current season hasn't seen a new version of Midas yet, but then again, there might be one in the works and may arrive later this season.

Is Midas returning to Fortnite Season 6?

The island that's seen outside the Flush Factory has been termed as OroIsle. It's common knowledge in the Fortnite community that Oro is either a snapshot of Midas, or he may be Midas' ancestor.

Both these characters bear similar scars on their faces. However, there's not much information available on Oro when compared to Midas. The Oro skin is also part of the Midas Revenge set, so the connection with Midas is clear here.


Popular data miner Hypex went on to confirm that there was a female Oro skin in the works. For now, only the back bling exists, but there's a chance that the community may see a complete skin very soon.

This is just one part of the story. After the Fortnite 16.30 update, there's a new Jules skin available in the item shop. The skin is known as Scrap Knight Jules and is armored, just like her father's armored snapshot, Midas Rex.


On her back, she's got a cape with the logo of the Imagined Order. And since she's got the cape, it can be assumed that she's joined the Imagined Order to spite her father. So, maybe by seeing her actions, Midas will finally reveal himself and go head to head with his daughter.

Finally, the island has appeared where the Shark presumably ate Midas in the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 trailer. Midas has made sporadic appearances in Fortnite since Chapter 2 Season 2 and has appeared in every alternate Season.


The regular version of Midas was seen in Season 2, while Fortnightmares in Chapter 2 Season 4 saw the arrival of Shadow Midas. Sticking to that theory, Midas may show up this season as well. The fact that data miners have found files connected to Midas in some way proves that there's a high possibility he might arrive soon.

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