When Fortnite turned into Pinball: The terrifying era of Ballers

Ballers in Fortnite were absolutely broken (Image via Epic Games)
Ballers in Fortnite were absolutely broken (Image via Epic Games)

Over the years, Fortnite players have seen many overpowered weapons and vehicles, and The Baller certainly makes this list. The vehicle was added to the game in Season 8, and it unexpectedly changed the meta.

As the name suggests, The Baller was a single-seater vehicle surrounded by a glass sphere. It also had a suction cup mounted to the front that helped in grappling objects and moving quickly.

Here's a throwback to when the pros were using Ballers in the final circle of the World Cup, and the game literally turned into pinball.

Fortnite creator looks back at the heavy usage of Ballers during the World Cup

Ballers are the only vehicles in Fortnite history that protect the driver. The sphere had a surprisingly high 300 HP, which was reduced to 200 ahead of the World Cup.

Despite the nerf, Ballers remained over-powered and pros complained about the matter frequently.

The prominent creator of NRG, Aussie Antics, recently looked back at the broken nature of Ballers during the World Cup in 2019:

"Spiderman is the most broken item ever in Competitive Fortnite"Meanwhile World Cup:

Aussie Antics, with the aforementioned post, was trying to prove that Spider-Man's mythic web shooters aren’t Fortnite’s most broken item ever. In the past, there have been many vehicles and items that have caused far more chaos than the web-shooters.

Epic Games did not remove The Ballers from Fortnite Competitive for quite some time, which naturally led to pros just roaming around the map in their over-powered vehicles.


In contrast, the meta has always been making tall structures and winning the end-game with a height advantage.

Interestingly, the rising popularity of Spider-Man's mythic web shooters has led to a similar change in the end-game strategy of pros.

Are Spider-Man's mythic web shooters in Fortnite broken?

Loopers might argue that the mythic web shooters aren't broken because they deal no damage, but Epic Games' Battle Royale game is much more than just gun fights. In fact, factors like mobility and building play a more important role in competitive games.


Hence, if used properly, web shooters can significantly impact the end-game. Instead of building and engaging in gun fights, players can simply swing across structures and surprise their opponents.

The fact that 32 web shooters exist on the Fortnite map DOESN'T make it rare at all for a mythicPast mythics you had to earn even if rareThink it's time to lower that numberSure they are fun but when you get to a moment that 32 players could have one it makes it boring

Most recently, a looper demonstrated how they used web shooters to quickly reach the ground and eliminate the opponent with fall damage.

The mythic web-shooters are great if used smartly, which stands true for almost every weapon/item in the game. Players should not miss an opportunity to grab them, as they'll most likely leave permanently before Chapter 3 Season 2.

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