When will Dr Slone reach the secret Fortnite Bunker in Chapter 2 Season 8?

When will Dr. Slone open the secret **Redacted** bunker (Image via Sportskeeda)
When will Dr. Slone open the secret **Redacted** bunker (Image via Sportskeeda)

Dr. Slone has gradually become the protagonist of Fortnite. Ever since Chapter 2 Season 7, the IO head has been trying to defend the island from the aliens and now the cubes.

The secret bunker on the Fortnite map, called **Redacted**, was added in Chapter 2 Season 1. After eight long seasons, leakers suggested that Dr. Slone is finally approaching Catty Corner and soon will be at the bunker. This will undoubtedly be an important event for the Fortnite storyline.

Note: The article was published before the 18.30 update. Please refer to this link for update information

Dr. Slone will open the secret bunker in Fortnite following update 18.30

Players who haven't followed Dr. Slone in Chapter 2 Season 8 must note that she is located near Catty Corner. This is the closest she's been to the **Redacted** bunker, owing to which it's safe to assume that Dr. Slone will open it in the upcoming weeks.

Slone is currently getting closer to the *REDACTED* Bunker which has been on the #Fortnite map since Chapter 2 Season 1! We can expect her to reach it in 2-3 days!

Update 18.30 will be out today, and players should buckle up to witness the secret behind the **Redacted** bunker. As per the theory, the bunker will help Dr. Slone defeat the cubes and defend the Fortnite island yet again.

The **Redacted** bunker is the birthplace of Kevin the Cube

Players must have noticed that the IO convoy with Dr. Slone has been heading towards the secret bunker since the start of Chapter 2 Season 8. From the looks of it, **Redacted** has an anti-cube technology that will assist the organization in defeating the Cube Queen.


Players have also discovered that the secret bunker is located on the birthplace of Kevin the Cube. In Chapter 1, Kevin was spotted on the Paradise Palms POI. Over the years, Paradise Palms has evolved and players now know it as Catty Corner.

From the looks of it, opening the **Redacted** bunker is the last resort for Dr. Slone and IO to save the Fortnite island.

Surprisingly, a similar portal is also located in Save the World and many players believe that both portals are somehow linked to each other. Considering the Chapter 2 Season 8 story so far, this theory seems like a stretch.

All in all, the highly-anticipated 18.30 update for Fortnite is right around the corner. The final Fortnitemares 2021 update will also introduce a plethora of map changes.

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