Where to find the Reality Tree in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Where to find the Reality Tree in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 (Image via Epic Games)
Where to find the Reality Tree in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 (Image via Epic Games)

With the start of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, a lot of prior speculations have proven to be correct. Things continue to fall into place, filling the void and painting a clearer picture of what's coming.

One of the most prominent leakers in the game, Fortnite News had revealed that a new POI, called Reality Tree, was going to be present on the island. With the launch of the new season, it has indeed come true and players can now drop in at the new location.

The tree, which looks like a giant lotus flower is blooming from its canopy, is definitely one of the most interesting additions to the island.

The Reality Tree is located in the western part of Fortnite's island

UPCOMING MAP CHANGES!"Throughout the Season, see the effects the Reality Tree has on other parts of the Island… "

The Reality Tree in Fortnite is fairly easy to locate and can be found south-west of the now-destroyed Tilted Towers and north of Greasy Grove. For those who are well versed with the map from Chapter 3 Season 2, it is close to where Camp Cuddle was. On the map, the Reality Tree in Fortnite looks rather approachable by the road emanating from Greasy Grove and where Tilted Towers used to be.

While the tree is located in the lower left part of the map, the Zero Point has always been at the center of the island. This, once again, raises the question if the tree is important to the story, or if it is just another POI.

According to a tweet by HYPEX, it is speculated that the tree will have some sort of effect on other parts of the island as time progresses.

minimap with all landmark names and POI names, go wild lol

What actually is the Reality Tree in Fortnite ?

At the 0:43 minute mark in the new Chapter 3 Season 3 trailer, the tree can be seen in all its glory. What seems to be blooming on the top of it resembles the Zero Point, and it is believed to have a self-stress relief mechanism where it blooms into a lotus-like form.


In some cultures across the world, it is believed that blooming lotus flowers rerepresents the re-birth process. It can be speculated that maybe, after the havoc that was cast upon Zero Point in the battle between the Imagined Order and the Seven in the live event, the Zero Point got stressed. This, in turn, might have caused the lotus-like bloom of the Reality Tree in Fortnite.

Towards the end of the live event, Agent Jones and the Foundation jumped into Zero Point to travel to a different reality. While the story ended there, it is possible that their actions caused stress to Zero Point as well, giving birth to the Reality Tree in Fortnite. As mentioned earlier, until the story gets clearer, these are just speculations and rumors.

However, since Zero Point is near the canopy of the tree, the tree's role seems pivotal to the development of the lore. Plus, the name Reality Tree also suggests something of the same sort.

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