Why customizable Fortnite skins and cosmetics need to return

Customizable Gear Specialist Maya outfit in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Customizable Gear Specialist Maya outfit in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite released some customizable skins in the Battle Pass during Chapter 2. However, we haven't seen any such cosmetics in Chapter 3. Instead, the developers have released secret skins such as The Foundation and Prowler.

Customizable skins like Kymera, Toona Fish, and Gear Specalist Maya were massive hits among Loopers, which is why it is rather concerning that the developers haven't continued the trend in Chapter 3.

This article will explain why customizable skins and cosmetics need to be returned to Fortnite.

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Customizable cosmetics in Fortnite stay relevant for a longer duration

It is important for readers to understand how customizable cosmetics are different from standard cosmetics because the latter also have different edit styles that can alter their visual appearance.

For example, Gear Specialist Maya was available as a Tier 1 reward of the Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass, and players had to complete Maya's challenges to unlock certain styles. These styles allowed them to change the skin's hairstyle, tattoos, sleeves, boots, shirt, vest, helmet, pants, face paint, and scarf.

Surprisingly, loopers could make over 9 million unique Maya skins by completing all the challenges. This means that they can try out a unique combination in each game, and they will have new options even after playing for a decade.

Similarly, the Toona Fish and Kymera skins from the Chapter 2 Season 8 and Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass, respectively, have thousands of custom styles.

This explains why customizable skins are better than standard outfits. While there have been countless skins with brilliant designs, it is only natural for players to get bored of them eventually.

Having said that, the Boundless superhero skins were a disaster because of their customizations, resulting in the outfits being of a pay-to-win nature. Loopers used the features to make pitch black/pitch white skins that were harder to spot.


Fortnite community already has a ton of ideas for customizable skins

Fortnite players around the world, especially Star Wars fans, have been requesting Epic Games to release customizable Lightsaber pickaxe skins for a long time.

Similarly, fans of other characters like Predator want their favorite skins to be customizable. While it is impossible for the developers to make every skin customizable, releasing such cosmetics more often won't be a bone of contention for anyone.

As of now, Chapter 3 Season 2 is already underway and we are yet to witness a customizable skin. The Level Up Quest Pack skins like Omega Knight and Monarch are the only cosmetics that offer some sort of additional styles upon completing quests.

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