Why many Fortnite players are being asked to "go touch grass": The Sweat debate, explained

A sweaty combo (Image via Nate Hill/YouTube)
A sweaty combo (Image via Nate Hill/YouTube)

For many years, there have been two sides to the Fortnite player base. Gamers usually fall into one of two broad categories: Sweats and Casuals. Sweats are the players that Casuals desperately do not want to run into. They can be easily identified by their playstyle and chosen cosmetics.

Sweats usually use skins that pros use, like Aura, soccer skins and more. The star wand pickaxe is also a good indicator. Finally, if someone starts cranking 90s or ramping on an opponent, they may be a Sweat.

Skill-based matchmaking was supposed to alleviate the problem and with it set to receive a substantial update, the debate has cropped up once again.

Sweats vs. Casuals: The debate rages into Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

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For all its flaws, skill-based matchmaking does try and keep Casuals in lobbies with other Casuals and Fortnite Sweats in more challenging lobbies, as difficult as that is. Many players feel like it doesn't work and it's even worse in Zero Build modes.

For a long time, Sweats dominated the debate with the classic line, "Get good." In essence, their response to Casuals complaining was to just get better at the game. If Casuals hate losing to Sweats so much, why don't they get better so it won't happen?

For much of the duration of this never-ending debate, Casuals had no response to that. There wasn't much they could even say to that because, in theory, that would work. Casuals could learn to play better and defeat Sweats instead of folding to them.

Fortnite grass (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite grass (Image via Epic Games)

However, Casuals have seemingly come up with a new retort. "Go touch grass" or something along those lines is becoming an increasingly popular comeback and it works perfectly in this instance.

The phrase is meant to imply that the person it is directed at has spent far too much time on a meaningless game and not enough time in the real world. Touching grass isn't something most people try to do, but it is symbolic for just going outside or doing anything besides playing a game.

The phrase is meant to say that obviously the Sweaty player has spent way too much time getting good at the game instead of focusing on what matters.

Telling someone to "go touch grass" has become a classic comeback that, as of now, doesn't have a good response. As the Fortnite Casual vs. Sweat debate inevitably rages on, Casuals have finally found a solid response.

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