Why the Travis Scott Fortnite event still remains the best there ever was

Fortnite Travis Scott event
Travis Scott's Astronomical still remains the GOAT of all Fortnite events, here's why (Image via WallpaperCave)

Fortnite events are by far the most visually stunning in-game experience that any battle royale game can provide to its player base. Over the years, Epic Games has set a benchmark in making live events a metaversal experience for gamers where every character and personality from the real world can be integrated as cosmetic models.

These live events range all the way from concluding a Fortnite season that's tied to the game's lore or are simply concerts with fan-favorite musical artists performing in the metaverse. So far, various musical personalities like Marshmello, Ariana Grande, and The Kid LAROI have all made appearances, with each of them bringing a unique concert experience for fans to enjoy.

According to the player base, one of the game's live events still reigns supreme and hasn't been topped yet - Travis Scott's Astronomical. While the 2020 Live Event gave loopers an incredible Fortnite experience, many within the community feel that it's the best event ever. According to players, here's why it's considered to be the GOAT of all Fortnite events.

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Why Travis Scott's Astronomical is still the best Fortnite live event in the game's history, players react

Travis Scott's Astronomical is the most talked-about Fortnite event within the community, offering an enjoyable experience that players had never seen before. Alongside a wide range of cosmetic items that could be purchased from the in-game Item Shop, Travis brought his popular tracks and performed at Sweaty Sands on the Chapter 2 Season 2 map in an enormous avatar.

The famed artist danced all over the POI and brought Astroworld (a fictional amusement park from his album) to the island with flying rollercoasters and glowing light streaks.

Players got to experience underwater swimming, slide down a giant dance floor hologram, float in space, and spot a butterfly at the end of the concert, reminding them of the Fortnite event in Chapter 1.

In a Twitter thread, Fortnite players pitched in with their own thoughts on the live event, primarily addressing why Epic has been unable to top this iconic concert so far. Although the concert was built on an older version of Unreal Engine, it still looked stunning on a mobile device, says a Twitter user who enjoyed the event on their phone.

Another user pointed out that Epic was getting "lazy" and relied too much on third-party creators to make new events in the Creative game mode. This statement comes shortly after the most recent events were held on Creative maps rather than the primary battle royale island that players know and love. Moreover, they demanded that Epic put their visual team to work to create better experiences and events themselves instead of handing the torch over to creators to do the job for them.

Interestingly, there are always two sides to this particular debate within the Fortnite community. For instance, the other side shared the opinion that Ariana Grande's Rift Tour was a far better live event, considering that it was visually superior and featured enough gameplay for players to completely engage in the experience.

They also stated that the music at Ariana's event was much better and widely recognized amongst the player base, given that she's a global pop artist who has been around since the core player base's youth.

Another user tweeted about how Epic Games is slowly shifting their events to the Creative game mode and abandoning concerts on the Battle Royale island. Additionally, the user pointed out how Rift Tours could have been the perfect foundation for the developers to create a metaverse of such live events themselves.

As the community continues to debate, loopers still regard the Travis Scott live event as the best ever in Fortnite. This isn't just an opinion from the artist's fans, but players who simply adore it because of the surreal experience it brought them when they needed it the most after a lengthy Chapter 2 Season 2.

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