Why using Fortnite glitches can get you banned in Chapter 3

Can gamers be banned for using glitches in the game? (Image via Epic Games)
Can gamers be banned for using glitches in the game? (Image via Epic Games)

Exploring Fortnite glitches is quite fun and entertaining until Epic decides it's time to impose a ban upon the gamer. Even though glitches are caused due to a fault on the developers' side, exploiting them is prohibited in the game. Gamers are encouraged to report such glitches so that the developers can implement the necessary changes to make the game better.

Often, players end up asking as to why exploiting Fortnite glitches will lead to a ban in Fortnite Chapter 3. The ongoing season has been in discussion for all kinds of glitches in the game. Therefore, it is important to know why developers ban loopers for exploiting glitches.

Exploiting Fortnite glitches is considered cheating

Developer Epic Games has worked tirelessly to make the game one of the best in the battle royale segment. Currently, the game has several million active gamers and the figures are growing considerably.

And just when Epic thought they fixed all the XP glitches in Fortnite :)

Even though some glitches can be really frustrating at times, others such as the Creative XP are profitable for gamers. They exploit XP bugs to grind a considerable amount of experience points to rank up the Battle Pass.

However, exploiting them will definitely lead to the developers issuing a ban upon gamers. As per Epic Games' community guidelines, the exploit of bugs and glitches as well as promoting them is considered cheating.

The developers even encourage gamers to report any incidents of glitches or bugs to make the game even better.

"Play fairly and within the rules of the game. Don’t cheat, grief, team, or exploit bugs and glitches. Don’t promote or advertise known cheats, bugs, or exploits. Find an exploit? Report it."

It is evident that the developers cite the exploitation of Fortnite glitches as some form of cheating. Therefore, it is not surprising that Epic Games will ban gamers who are found guilty of using the errors to their advantage.

The developers will issue a warning to the gamer and point out the issues. However, the account will be handed a ban if gamers continue to exploit glitches and do not pay heed to the warning.


Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 has been quite a success so far. The availability of glitches in the gameplay as well as in Creative Mode have compelled gamers to exploit them frequently. However, it is not recommended, and as mentioned, can lead to a permanent ban on the account.

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