"You bald fu*k": Fortnite pros take toxic digs at Donald Mustard for attending the Super Bowl

 (Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

The strife between the competitive Fortnite community and developers is nothing new. Although some pros are stretching the limits of toxicity with their sarcastic jibes.

Cody "Clix" Conrod and Ronald "Ronaldo" Mach, two of the most influential pros from NRG, took a subtle dig at Donald Mustard on Twitter. This act sets a bad example for the Fortnite community, especially since these gamers have a huge fan following.

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The toxic culture in Fortnite is rampantly growing every day, and instead of stopping it, Clix exacerbated this with his remark on Donald Mustard's appearance. This was unexpected from one of the most talented players in the world, popularly known as the king of box-fights.

Fortnite pro Clix takes a dig at Donald Mustard

Donald Mustard recently uploaded a picture on Twitter from the Super Bowl. Mustard was part of the audience, and this outraged several members of the Fortnite community.

Most of the comments criticized Mustard for not fixing the existing issues in Fortnite. Others took a dig at the numerous collaborations he has been teasing on Twitter.

Other Twitter users made illogical remarks about Mustard having enough money to attend the Super Bowl but not enough for Fortnite prize pools.

The situation turned stale when some professional players and arena-aspirants lost their temper while commenting.

Ronaldo inquired sarcastically whether the Super Bowl was the reason behind FNCS getting canceled this week. Others chimed in and assumed that this was the real reason behind FNCS being postponed.

This was followed up by Clix, who initially said, "hope you're having a blast Donny, stay safe." He then posted a toxic remark about Mustard's appearance.

"u f**cking bald f**k."

While it may be in good humor, it was still a step too far from the Fortnite pro.

To a youngster, who is unaware of the humorous nature of this remark, this might look like nothing more than hate speech.

While this is exceedingly common in the Fortnite community, it is a practice that should be put to an end by responsible Fortnite influencers. The example these pros set will lead the next generation of Fortnite content creators and pro players.

On the other hand, the competitive changes recently implemented in the game have frustrated several members of the professional Fortnite community.

This is a result of the pent up animosity between competitive players and Fortnite developers. However, it doesn't justify the toxic behavior these pros displayed by making personal attacks, as remarked by several members of the Fortnite community.

The upcoming FNCS will be integral in redefining the community-developer interaction.

Hopefully, both Epic and pro players will do their best to resolve these issues and strive towards becoming a better video game community.

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