Enterprise Gaming signs 20-year-old Fortnite prodigy Elyjah "Slite" Adams

Elyjah "Slite" Adams joins Enterprise Gaming (Image via Sportskeeda)
Elyjah "Slite" Adams joins Enterprise Gaming (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dipanjan Dey

The rising popularity of Fortnite is ushering in a new generation of talented young content creators. These prodigies will pave the way with their creative genius for fellow gaming enthusiasts to follow.

While numerous gifted youngsters deserve the spotlight, there are some that stand out with their technical brilliance and desire to be the best. The 20-year-old Elyjah "Slite" Adams is one such gaming prodigy, having been blessed with the potential to become a dominant force in Fortnite.

Enterprise Gaming from Houston was quick to spot this young talent and they signed Slite as a full-time content creator. Slite aspires to earn respect as a player and a streamer by focusing on building a sustainable Fortnite community.

In an exclusive conversation with Sportskeeda Esports' Dipanjan Dey, the up-and-coming young gamer opened up about his plans as a full-time streamer, his love for Fortnite, and his zeal for content creation.

Enterprise Gaming signs 20-year-old Fortnite prodigy

Based out of Houston, Texas, Enterprise Gaming is a professional E-sports organization founded by Robert Maxwell in April 2020. Enterprise is the product of his vision to establish a platform of like-minded individuals who come together online to play video-games in both competitive and social capacities.

According to Sebastian (Nextle) from Enterprise Gaming, Slite will be with the organization for a minimum of six months, after which his contract might be extended.

Here is an excerpt of the conversation with Slite.

Q: First and foremost, congratulations on the deal. Give us an origin story? Tell our readers a bit about yourself and the journey that led you to the path of becoming a Fortnite streamer/content creator?

Slite: Well I started out on console, I wasn't even allowed to play video games at all until I was like 14 years old, I played games like Guitar Hero and Black Ops II, Guitar Hero really introduced me to Twitch in 2015-2016 and I met some cool people over there that were just having fun sharing their gameplay to other viewers.

Then I stopped watching Twitch for a while and was about to stop playing games in general because everything was pretty repetitive. Fortnite was then released later in September and one of my friends suggested we should play it in late October. Instantly, we were addicted to Fortnite and it made me revisit Twitch, where I saw Ninja's mind-blowing Fortnite gameplay.

It looked like what he was doing was impossible and there were so many people watching him it felt like I was watching a TV show the way he was consistently winning and being entertaining at the same time.

So I started using stuff he did to win more Fortnite games and raising my skill. Two years later after grinding and doing YouTube I had joined a clan and gained a lot of attention on YouTube after getting kicked from that same clan.

So I saved up enough money to build a PC and invest in myself. I never stopped grinding Fortnite and eventually, I got myself here, still crazy to think about sometimes.


Q: Your Fortnite videos are absolutely hilarious, It's quite apparent from the comments that the community wants to see your face regularly on stream. Are you looking to continue the same format for your videos?

Slite: Thanks, I always try to add in little entertaining stuff while I edit so I can keep a new viewer watching, I plan to keep that format for the future. And I didn't know how much my face would actually affect my viewership, my average number of concurrent viewers literally go up by over 100% when I facecam so I think I will be using facecam in most of my future twitch streams.


Q: Your setup video on YouTube looks pretty neat. Are we expecting to see some new additions to the beast?

Slite: Nothing too major, I have exactly everything I need right now to stream now I just have to learn it haha. Maybe a new headset or another controller soon though.


Q: Let's talk about your history as a controller player/streamer. After the Silver YouTube plaque, what's your next milestone target as a Fortnite content creator for Enterprise Gaming?

Slite: Well, I've been playing controller since the start of gaming and I was planning on switching to keyboard in the very early stages of Fortnite but then players like Aydan and Issa really inspired me and made me grind my input even more.

On the streaming side of things, I've always been streaming inconsistently since 2017 for friends and just to clip funny moments but after I starting blowing up on YouTube I started streaming more regularly and got partnered in a few months, and now I'm trying to stream pretty much daily.

Lastly, I want to focus on making unique content and build a strong community under EP, the milestones will definitely come if I focus on making the best content.


Q: As a controller player, how would you address the perpetual KBM v controller debate in Fortnite?

Slite: This is such a tough question, it was a whole different discussion last year, after many aim-assist patches in Fortnite, me and a lot of others still play it, not because it's better, because we are used to it. I feel like if you want to play at your maximum potential you could play or switch to keyboard because in my opinion a keyboard player puts up one of the toughest fights but the question will never be answered 100% with confidence on which input is better from me haha.


Q: You definitely spend a lot of time practicing piece control and editing in Fortnite. Any secret tips aside from your YouTube guides for youngsters who aspire to build like you?

Slite: One thing I never really talked about is editing with your build map out, you can edit faster without pulling your gun out + edit from a greater distance. It's really underrated and a lot of controller pros use it.

Image via Slite YouTube
Image via Slite YouTube

Q: The YouTube Silver plaque is already up on the wall, does that work as a motivating force driving your creative genius?

Slite: 100% as a creator but I don't want it to tempt me to settle, some people relax after working so hard for something but I want it to make me work even harder than before, I'm not even close to finished.

Q: Are we going to see Slite winning the Fortnite Champions Series in NA West soon or is that a work in progress?

Slite: Thanks, and that is most definitely a work in progress, I think I have the fighting aspect down but endgame has always been a problem for me since I started playing competitive a year ago. Just an experience thing though so I expect to be more respected on the competitive side of things soon.


Q: What are your plans for 2021? What are the landmarks you're targeting on Twitch and YouTube?

Slite: A few goals I have for YouTube is at least 500k by the end of the year. Twitch, I want to average around 1000 concurrent viewers.

Q. Is there anything you would like to say to your Fortnite fans and the next generation of esports talents?

Slite: Everything will pretty much be the same, only better, more streams, unique uploads. Maybe even some IRL content, who knows?

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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