10 best Free Fire emotes that are easy to unlock in 2022

Listing the easily obtainable emotes in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Listing the easily obtainable emotes in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)

Emotes are one of the most lauded elements in Free Fire. When using an emote, the in-use character performs some preset moves for a few seconds. Gamers use emotes to show off certain kinds of activity or their mood at a particular time.

So far, plenty of emotes have been introduced in Free Fire. Unfortunately, users cannot unlock all emotes even if they have sufficient diamonds. This is because, for a specific period, the developers only make a limited number of emotes available throughout the shooter game.


Though new emotes steadily arrive in the game via several events, once they wrap up, the return of the same emotes are uncertain. So, players should keep accumulating emotes one by one.

Disclaimer: Due to a government-imposed ban, players from India should not play Free Fire. They must use the MAX variant to access their FF IDs.

10 best Free Fire emotes that players can easily get their hands on in 2022

1) LOL emote


The LOL emote is one of the most popular emotes in the Free Fire community. Gamers who have this particular emote tease each other and have some fun during several in-game warfare circumstances.

LOL generally stands for laughing out loud. Portraying the same meaning, the character laughs while using the LOL emote. It is available in the game store for 399 diamonds.

Emote description: You tryna' steal my loot while making me laugh?

2) Weight of Victory

Free Fire's Weight of Victory emote (Image via Garena)
Free Fire's Weight of Victory emote (Image via Garena)

The Weight of Victory is an exclusive emote themed after Garena's highly regarded official tournament, the Free Fire World Series (FFWS). In this emote, the character lifts the gleaming crown (logo) of FFWS. It is obtainable through the FFWS Top Up event.

Players will have to top up 300 diamonds to claim the Weight of Victory emote for free. The event will conclude on 19 May.

Emote description: Ever felt the weight of victory?

3) Soul Shaker


The Soul Shaker emote is being rewarded to mobile gamers for free. All they need to do is complete various missions and tasks in the MAX exclusive event, collect Flame tokens, and then exchange tokens to acquire this cool emote.

However, it should be noted that Indian users can only claim this this emote via the MAX variant.

Emote description: Shake, shake, shake your body!

4) FFWS Dance Emote


As usual, the developers have set milestone rewards for FFWS' live watching on official YouTube channels. The FFWS Dance emote is one of the most highlighted rewards that will be distributed to users on the Play-ins' match day, i.e., on 14 May after achieving the milestone of 400K live viewers.

Gamers will have to hang tight until the emote gets a complete reveal.

Emote description: N/A

5) One-Finger Pushup


As the name reflects itself, the One-Finger Pushup emote does pushups on a single finger. It can be used by players to show others how strong they are in the game.

This specific emote was released during Free Fire's Cobra event. The One-Finger emote is currently accessible from the in-game store in exchange for 399 diamonds.

Emote description: Do not copy me.

6) Bhangra emote


Bhangra is a traditional folk dance in India. Based on its dance steps, the developers have introduced the Bhangra emote, which is quite fascinating to use.

This particular emote grabbed a decent limelight in the community after its release. Players can get this fantastic emote in their hands by spending 399 diamonds at the store.

Emote description: Let's get some energy going.

7) Sii!


The 'Sii!' emote made its way to the shooter via one of the greatest global collaborations, Free Fire X CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo, a football athlete).

With a short animation, this emote performs Ronaldo's extremely famous move renowned as Sii. Worth 399 diamonds, the emote can be acquired from the in-game store.

Emote description: And the crowd goes wild!

8) Top Scorer


In the Top Scorer emote, the character flaunts an excellent football shot. The emote's animations are pretty eye-catching and remain active for a longer duration than regular ones.

This emote gained popularity when a considerable number of YouTube creators started filming one-tap headshots using this emote. Priced at 399 diamonds, gamers can grab it from Free Fire's in-game store.

Emote description: Envy of my moves?

9) Applause


One of the oldest additions in the emote class, Applause has been able to sustain its usefulness even now. As the name reveals, the Applause emote claps for a few seconds when activated. It can be used to appreciate one's magnificent gameplay.

Amazingly, it is available in the game store at a cheaper price wheen compared to others, numbering at only 199 diamonds. Mobile gamers who can afford this amount of diamonds should go for this masterpiece if they do not have it.

Emote description: Remember to always give it up for someone, for their hard work.

10) The Victor

The Victor emote in Free Fire (Image via Garena)
The Victor emote in Free Fire (Image via Garena)

The Victor is the second emote on this list to arrive with Free Fire's global collaboration with CR7.

Ronaldo is a globally well-known personality and his fans must have this exclusive emote. However, The Victor's active duration is notably smaller. Before it vanishes from the in-game store, interested users can buy it by spending 399 diamonds.

Emote description: Chill, winning is a habit.

Note: The above list is entirely based on the author's personal opinion and the emotes have not been arranged in any order.

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