40 best Free Fire names with stylish symbols like SK Sabir Boss in June 2021

Players like to keep fancy names in Free Fire like SK Sabir Boss
Players like to keep fancy names in Free Fire like SK Sabir Boss
Debolina Banerjee

Many Free Fire players like to stand out from the crowd by keeping a stylish in-game name. Players go to sites like,, etc., as Android and iOS keyboards do not have a diverse collection of symbols and fonts.

SK Sabir Boss is a famous Free Fire gamer who has over 240 videos on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel, SK SABIR GAMING, has over 4.2 million subscribers. Players can click here to check out the channel.

Listed below are the 40 best unique names like SK Sabir Boss that players can use.

Names like SK Sabir Boss with stylish symbols for Free Fire


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These are the 40 best Free Fire names with stylish symbols like SK Sabir Boss:

1. Ninja𝕾τar

2. Ghost 👻

3. ✰FαbulØus

4. Aquaman 🔱

5. Exบ多eraภt

6. Ǝτernΐτy

7. ĐàŔK

8. 𝕱uŇղℽBone

9. 𐍉ϻήΐp𐍉†eήt

10. ⱮoŇsteR

11. 🅷ⱥήŇᎥbⱥl

12. ZΞUS⚡️

13. β€AŞŦ

14. DestruçτᎥon

15. C͢͢͢øllⱥ†eral

16. ᏦᎥnᏳ

17. J*O*K*E*R

18. ÐɑʀҟƑîʀɛ

19. Mⱥ͢͢͢DMⱥאָ

20. やebbℓeຮ

21. кιℓℓєяQυєєη

22. Úñïqµê

23. Sภΐ𝓹er

24. H𝖆r𝔪𐍉ny

25. Mighτψ

26. Uภ🆆αveriภg ๖ۣۜ

27. Ɔêñ†ïðñ

28. G𐍉ddess

29. 𝓓art𝔥𝓓aeήeryʂ

30. Iηɔคrηคtion꧂

31. To𝖗nⱥᖙo

32. 𝓢𝓹𝓾𝓷𝓴𝔂

33. Voℓτ

34. Ριχιє

35. ßø𝕠ya𝖍★

36. Cl𝑜นᴅ9

37. DEVIL▄︻̷̿┻̿

38. ṨhᴀdowWᴀlker

39. $tar$igή

40. Ƒΐr𝖊Kΐng

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How to change the in-game name in Free Fire


Players have the option to change the in-game name of their choice when they sign in for the first time in Free Fire. If they want to change their name later, they will have to make payments to implement the change. Players should follow the steps given below to successfully change their name in Free Fire:

  1. Users should open Free Fire and head over to their profile section.
  2. They will then need to click on the name change button that is present below their username.
  3. Players can then paste the name of their choice in the dialogue box that appears.
  4. After pasting the name, players will have to pay the required number of diamonds to change their name.

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