5 best active character abilities in Free Fire after OB32 update

The best active character abilities in Free Fire after OB32 update (Image via Garena)
The best active character abilities in Free Fire after OB32 update (Image via Garena)

Everyone is aware of the importance of active character abilities in Garena Free Fire. They are the backbone of character combinations. The choice of the three passive skills is based on the active character's strategic benefit and abilities.

All character abilities in Free Fire have their own merits and demerits, but some skills can turn the tide of a match. Although players need a skill-set to win matches, some active abilities provide significant assistance that reflects in the result of a game.

Best Free Fire characters that boast active abilities after OB32 update

1) Alok: Drop the Beat


Alok's "Drop the Beat" creates a five-meter aura that helps users get a buff in agility by 10%. His ability has additional benefits that allow players to recover five HP per second. He has a duration of five seconds with a decent cooldown of 45 seconds.

DJ Alok is beneficial for players when they rush on enemies or escape from them during a Free Fire match.

2) K (Captain Booyah): Master of All


Like DJ Alok, K (Captain Booyah) is also beneficial if gamers have a rush playstyle or play defensively. "Master of All" allows users to get an increase in MAX EP by 50 with a choice of two different modes: Jiu-jitsu and Psychology.

The Psychology mode provides a continuous recovery of EP at a rate of three points every 2.2 seconds. On the other hand, the Jiu-jitsu mode assists allies by providing a six-time increase in conversion rate for teammates within a six-meter radius.

3) Wukong: Camouflage


Wukong is great for those who want to execute sneak attacks on their opponents while playing passive gameplay. His "Camouflage" turns players into a bush for 10 seconds with a 20% decrease in movement speed.

Players can revert to Wukong's body when they start firing. Hence, the ability is quite impressive and beneficial in Free Fire's endzone fights. However, the massive cooldown of 300 seconds makes Wukong a weaker character.

4) Dimitri: Healing Heartbeat


Every team has a medic, and Dimitri is a suitable character for such players. His "Healing Heartbeat" provides users a 3.5m diameter with a three HP/second recovery rate. The zone is available for the whole team, and even downed players can self-revive.

After the 10-second duration ends, it takes 85 seconds for "Healing Heartbeat" to recharge.

5) Skyler: Riptide Rhythm

Skyler has received an adjustment after OB32, and players can aim while holding the ability button. One can destroy as many as five enemy gloo walls within a 50-meter range using the sonic wave of Skyler's "Riptide Rhythm."


The active ability also offers an HP recovery when a gloo wall is deployed, and healing starts from four HP. In addition to the effects that suit a balanced playstyle, Skyler also has a decent cooldown of 60 seconds.

Note: This list is not in any particular order and solely reflects the writer's opinion. The abilities listed are at the base level of each character, and players can use memory fragments to make them more powerful.

Edited by Shaheen Banu


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