5 best Free Fire characters under 8000 coins in September 2021

Free Fire characters to get under 8000 coins
Free Fire characters to get under 8000 coins
Rohit Singh Jaswal

Free Fire offers numerous interesting in-game elements, some of which are upgradable weapon skins, characters, and pets. These features make the game much more engaging and immersive.

Players can purchase characters with the help of diamonds or gold coins. They need to spend real cash to buy diamonds while getting coins by completing events and missions.

Most potent Free Fire characters under 8000 coins

1) Hayato

Hayato in Free Fire
Hayato in Free Fire

Hayato is one of the best Free Fire characters that users can get under 8000 coins. He has a passive skill called Bushido that enhances the armor penetration by 7.5% for each 10% decrease in HP.

Upon upgrading the character to its maximum level, the armor penetration rises by 10% as the maximum HP decreases by 10%.

2) Miguel

Miguel in Free Fire
Miguel in Free Fire

Miguel is another great option for players who want to purchase a Free Fire character with 8000 coins. His passive skill is called Crazy Slayer, which helps them restore 30 EP upon each kill.

By upgrading the character to level 6, users can gain up to 80 EP upon each kill in any game mode. Those who want to play aggressively can use Miguel as their primary character.

3) Maxim

Maxim in Free Fire
Maxim in Free Fire

Maxim's character is best suited for gamers who play as supports in the team. He has a passive skill called Gluttony that can enhance the healing speed of items like mushrooms and medkits.

At its initial upgrade level, players can boost the speed of the healing by 15%. By upgrading the character to the maximum level, the healing speed increases by 40 percent.

4) Caroline

Caroline in Free Fire
Caroline in Free Fire

Caroline's character is one of the most used by players who prefer Shotguns. Her passive skill is called Agility, helping users boost their movement speed by 3% while holding a Shotgun.

The ability comes in very handy to quickly take out more than two enemies in the Clash Squad and Battle Royale modes of Free Fire.

5) Misha

Misha in Free Fire
Misha in Free Fire

The last character that players can get under 8000 coins in Free Fire is Misha. Her Afterburner skill helps them increase their driving speed. The damage taken while driving a vehicle is also reduced by 5%.

The driving speed rises by 12%, and damage taken falls by 30% upon upgrading the character.

Note: This list is not in any particular order and reflects the writer's opinion.

Edited by Ravi Iyer

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