5 best Free Fire characters for Clash Squad mode after OB33 update

The best characters in Free Fire for the CS mode after the OB33 update (Image via Garena)
The best characters in Free Fire for the CS mode after the OB33 update (Image via Garena)

Garena Free Fire's OB33 update is here, and players can finally witness new additions and optimizations. The game has also introduced some critical character balance changes in the case of options like A124, Steffie, Otho, Rafael, etc. Some have encountered minor tweaks, while others have undergone a significant rework.

Changes in the abilities of various characters have also resulted in a shift of dynamics among the characters. Some characters have become stronger, while others have become weaker. Thus, while choosing a character ability for any mode, be it clash squad or battle royale, one must consider the recent adjustments in the OB33 version.

Note: This list is not in a particular order and solely reflects the writer's opinions. The character skills mentioned are at their base level and can be upgraded further.

Garena Free Fire: The best characters for clash squad mode after the OB33 update

Clash squad, unlike battle royale, is a fast-paced game mode that has a relatively lower focus on survival and more on attacking gameplay. A CS match is a contest of two four-membered teams for several rounds. The mode requires movement skills and a designated strategy from the players.

Players should choose a suitable character for clash squad mode that suits their game plan. Free Fire's new Link system allows them to acquire a character of their choice. Thus, players should try any of the following options if they are grinding to rank up in CS-Ranked Season 12 (starting on 24 March):

1) Jota

  • Skill- Sustained Raids (passive)

Players often oversee the passive ability characters, but Jota is quite a potent and underrated option, especially for the CS mode. Jota suits the users who adopt an attacking approach in the match.

Gamers can use Jota's passive skill to attain health points whenever they hit enemies using firearms. An enemy knockdown will increase the HP by a significant amount.

2) Xayne

  • Skill: Xtreme Encounter (active)
  • Cooldown: 150.seconds

Xayne is an active ability character but quite underrated in front of other overpowered alternatives in the game. She is arguably the most potent female Free Fire character, ideal for the players who love to rush.

Players can avail a temporary health-point boost using Xtreme Encounter. The total HP acquired temporarily is 80 points that last 15 seconds. Players also get a buff in damage dealing capability to the gloo walls and shield by 80%.

3) Skyler

  • Skill: Riptide Rhythm (active)
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Skyler lies in the category of Free Fire characters that boast impressive in-game capabilities but have become an underrated option. He is also one of the most balanced characters that suit players in different situations.

Skyler can destroy gloo walls within a 50-meter range (maximum five) using a sonic wave with his Riptide Rhythm. His active ability helps regenerate HP (starting at four points) whenever gamers use a gloo wall during activation.

4) Alok

  • Skill: Drop the Beat (active)
  • Cooldown: 45 seconds

The fans love some characters in Free Fire, and DJ Alok belongs to that category. Alok's popularity is as impressive as his skills on the battlefield.

Upon activation, Drop the Beat forms a 5-meter aura around Alok, enhancing agility by 10% and allowing an HP regeneration at five HP/second. The ability has a duration of five seconds.

5) K

  • Skill: Master of All (active)
  • Cooldown: Not available
  • Mode Switch Cooldown: Three seconds

K's active ability, Master of All, has two following modes:

  • Psychology mode: Players can avail themselves of a continuous EP regeneration, which can be vital for attacking and defensive gameplay strategy. Players receive a three-point addition to the EP bar within 2.2 seconds.
  • Jiu-jitsu mode: EP and health are essential for the CS mode, and so is the team support. Therefore, gamers can use the Jiu-jitsu mode to provide an increased conversion rate to allies by 500%. Teammates can enjoy increasing their EP to HP conversion rate when lying within six meters of K.

Captain is one the most potent characters in Free Fire regardless of the game mode he features in. His ability allows him to shine in different situations be it defending, attacking, or providing tactical support to the allies. In addition to the modes mentioned above, Master of All also enhances the max EP by 50 points.

Disclaimer: Indian government has banned Free Fire. Thus, users should download and use the MAX variant to access their in-game IDs.

Edited by Srijan Sen


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