5 best Free Fire characters for Factory Challenge after OB33 update

Many users hunt for the best characters to play Factory Challenge in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Many users hunt for the best characters to play Factory Challenge in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)

Factory Challenge is one of the most prominent Custom Room modes created by the Free Fire community and is available in many different variations. Essentially, it requires players to land at the top of the ‘Factory’ location on the Bermuda map and then participate in fistfights with other players.

Many players wish to improve their performances in the Factory Challenge and better their friends, which causes them to seek elements such as the best characters to employ. The following is a list that can help out such gamers.

Disclaimer: Users from India should refrain from downloading or playing Free Fire due to a government-imposed ban on the game.

Top 5 characters in Free Fire to pick for Factory Challenge

5) Joseph


Ability: Nutty Movement

Joseph is in the fifth position, and players can make good use of him in the Factory Challenge. His particular in-game skill is pretty helpful, and it essentially increases the moving and sprinting speed by 10% at the lowest level when an adversary hits the users.

Consequently, with him equipped, players might be able to avoid multiple blows from a single opponent and evade the attacks.

4) Dimitri


Ability: Healing Heartbeat

Dimitri is the in-game persona of Dimitri Vegas and is yet another incredible choice to select. After using his active ability, Healing Heartbeat, a healing zone with a diameter of 3.5 meters is generated.

Inside that particular zone, gamers will receive 3 HP/s for 10 seconds, and they will additionally have the option to self-recover upon being knocked out. There’s a cooldown duration of 85 seconds after each usage.

3) K


Ability: Master of All

K has the Master of All ability in Free Fire. He possesses two different modes:

  • Jiu-Jitsu: EP conversion rate is increased by 500% (5 EP converts to 5 HP per second).
  • Psychology: 3 EP is replenished every 2.2 seconds, up to 150 EP.

Moreover, the unique skill increases the Max EP by 50, and there’s only a small cooldown of three seconds to switch between the modes.

2) Alok


Ability: Drop the Beat

DJ Alok has been one of the most used characters within the battle royale title, and he is also an excellent option for this particular Custom Room mode. Once the ‘Drop the Beat’ ability is activated, the users receive a 10% increase in their movement. It can also restore 5 HP/s for a duration of five seconds.

However, the two effects do not stack up, and a cooldown of 45 seconds is applied later.

1) Kla


Ability: Muay Thai

Kla is undoubtedly the best character that can be chosen to take part in the Factory Challenge in Free Fire because of his ability to do additional fist/melee damage. On the lowest level, the rise is by a total of 100%.

Subsequently, choosing Kla will enable gamers to take down foes with lesser punches and emerge victorious.

Note: The characters mentioned in the list mentioned above are based on the writer’s opinion.

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