5 best Free Fire characters for Factory Challenge after OB35 update

The Factory Challenge is popular in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Factory Challenge is popular in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Rohit Singh Jaswal

Free Fire is a renowned name in the battle royale gaming community. It has become famous for its immersive in-game elements, including dynamic maps, real-life weapons, and other items like skins, emotes, pets, and characters.

The developers have added more than 30 characters with unique skills. Their skills offer significant advantages in different modes and maps.

The Factory Challenge is one of the most exciting modes where players have to land on the top of a factory and can only fight with fists.

DJ Alok and four characters for Factory Challenge after Free Fire OB35 update

5) Kelly


Kelly's character is terrific in Free Fire, especially her awakening skill. Gamers can use her Deadly Velocity ability in the factory mode to acquire an extra 1% in their sprint speed.

They can also inflict a whopping 101% to 106% damage on enemies after sprinting for four seconds. Users can upgrade the character to the maximum level to unlock better skills, including a 6% increase in running speed and reduced cooldown.

4) Joseph


Joseph is the fourth character that works wonders in the Factory Challenge in Free Fire. Players love his Nutty Movement skill that allows them to increase the overall movement and sprinting speed by 10% upon receiving any damage.

The increased sprinting speed helps them gain quick reflexes to take down their opponents more swiftly. The character is primarily available for free in the bonus top-up event in the diamond shop.

Gamers can redeem the character by doing a top-up of the smallest diamond pack in the store.

3) DJ Alok


DJ Alok is the most sought-after character for his versatile skill, Drop the Beat, which helps users heal and improve their movement speed. At level 1, the character allows them to create a 5m aura that restores 5 HP/s.

The skill's effect lasts 5 seconds, and the movement speed of allies and players is increased by 10%. In the OB35 update, DJ Alok is a fantastic choice for the factory mode with his healing and quick movement capabilities.

2) Chrono


Chrono is another excellent character for the Factory Challenge in the OB35 version. He offers an active skill called Time Turner that creates a force field around users and deflects up to 600 damage.

Also, the skill ensures an enhanced movement speed of 10% to allies inside the field. The skill lasts for four seconds at Chrono's initial upgrade level. Gamers can improve the character's attributes by upgrading him to higher levels.

1) Kla


Kla is considered the best Free Fire character in the Factory Challenge. His skill is called Muay Thai, which is most suitable for fist fights in this match type.

The skill allows gamers to increase the damage inflicted by fists by up to 100%, which is very useful for quickly taking down their opponents.

Players are also recommended to upgrade their character by using character fragment cards. It will help him deal up to 400% damage via fist attacks.

They can purchase the character from either 499 diamonds or 8000 gold coins.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author's opinion.

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