5 best Free Fire characters for Factory Challenge

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Soumyajit Dutta

There are hordes of characters in Free Fire that assist players on the ground with unique abilities. Almost all of these characters are available in the 'Store' section and can be bought with credits and in-game tokens.

One of the most popular custom room challenges is the Factory challenge created by popular content creators. It is a duel or 1v1 challenge where people land on the Factory roof to battle it out against each other.

This is a unique and new challenge, and people often get confused about who will be the best character to pick for this. This article lists down some of the best choices for the Factory challenge based on its criteria.

Note: This list is not in any particular order or ranking and reflects the writer's personal views.

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5 of the most suitable characters for the Factory challenge in Free Fire

#1 Kla

Kla in Free Fire
Kla in Free Fire

Kla will undoubtedly be the best character for the Factory challenge as the challenge is all about fistfights and melees, and there is no one better than Kla for fistfights. He has a passive ability called Muay Thai, and it increases the fist damage by 100% when equipped.

Kla can be upgraded to level 6 with character fragment cards, maximizing his fist damage by 400%, which means players will be knocked down in one punch from Kla.

#2 DJ Alok

DJ Alok in Free Fire
DJ Alok in Free Fire

DJ Alok is also a viable option for the challenge because of his healing and increased movement ability. He has a unique active ability called Drop The Beat, which creates a 5m aura increasing the ally movement speed by 10% and restoring 5 HP/s for 5 seconds.

#3 Chrono

Chrono in Free Fire
Chrono in Free Fire

Chrono's movement speed ability is only useful in his dual skillset for the challenge. Chrono has an active ability called Time-Turner and creates a force field that blocks 600 damage. Also, allies inside the force field receive a 10% increase in movement speed, with the effects lasting for four seconds.

#4 Kelly


Kelly is a great character to use in the challenge because of her ability called Dash. Her ability allows the player to increase the sprinting speed by 1%, and when she is maximized, the speed is increased by 6%.

#5 Joseph


Joseph has a passive ability, which is called Nutty Movement. His ability allows him to increase the movement and sprinting speed by 10 percent whenever he receives damage.

At his maximum potential, Joseph's movement and sprinting speed are increased by 20% upon taking damage, hence offering quick reflexes to the player when he/she is low on the HP.

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