5 best Free Fire characters for ranked mode after OB35 update

Some of the most suitable characters for the ranked mode after the OB35 update (Image via Garena)
Some of the most suitable characters for the ranked mode after the OB35 update (Image via Garena)

In Free Fire, characters have been one of the primary features ever since the game's launch. Players can build their strategies around the abilities which these characters offer. Furthermore, they can construct a character combination, including four skills, to get the maximum advantage.

Ranked mode provides the most competitive form of matches in Garena Free Fire and its MAX variant. A ranked game requires a high-level skill-set if users focus on maximizing their tiers. Thus, they should choose at least one overpowered character for the ranked mode.

Note: Gamers from India should refrain from downloading Free Fire, instead installing its MAX variant to access their game accounts, as the former has been banned in the country.

Garena Free Fire: Ideal characters for ranked mode (OB35 version)


The OB35 update was launched on 20 July and was responsible for many changes in Garena Free Fire, including the revamped logo and UI. The July update also introduced character balance changes, potentially nerfed or buffed the likes of Andrew, Hayato, Miguel, Nikita, etc.

Furthermore, fans saw the arrival of two new characters, Iris and J.Biebs, who will become available for purchase in the upcoming days. However, the character abilities rankings might have changed after the OB35 update.

Therefore, the best characters for the ranked mode have been listed as follows:

1) Alok


Alok has been one of the most popular Free Fire characters since he arrived in the game. The DJ character borrows his looks from a real-life DJ/musician Alok and boasts the exceptional active ability, Drop the Beat.

Users can hit the ability button to receive movement and sprinting speed buff, alongside an HP recovery for five seconds. The speeds enhance by 10%, while the HP restores at a rate of five points per second.

The ability creates a five-meter aura that enables both effects with a cooldown of 70 seconds. However, players cannot employ both simultaneously, which means the HP recovery will remain inactive while moving and vice versa.

2) Dimitri


The ranked mode requires top-notch abilities, and Healing Heartbeat is one of them. Dimitri's HP-related ability allows gamers and their allies to heal and revive on their own using a 3.5m diameter healing zone.

The healing effects of the ability happen at a rate of three HP/s and last for 10 seconds. Once they have used Dimitri's skill, readers will have to wait for 85 seconds for the effects to recharge again.

3) Jota


Jota is the only passive ability character to feature on this list, as he is arguably one of the best for aggressive strategies. His skill is relatively simple to understand as it involves HP recovery whenever users hit enemies with guns.

Sustained Raids offers an unspecified HP recovery after players hit opponents, but a successful knockdown will heal 10% HP. Furthermore, the ability doesn't have any duration or cooldown and activates automatically.

4) K


Each character in Free Fire suits a specific strategy, but few are ideal for defensive and attacking gameplans. Captain Booyah, aka K, can assist in different combat situations with his versatile Master of All ability.

K offers an enhanced EP bar capacity to gamers alongside two ability modes, which makes him highly suitable for ranked mode. Here are two modes of Master of All:

  1. Jiu-jitsu mode (Suitable for team support): Teammates encounter an increase in EP to HP conversion rate by 500%, provided they stay within a six-meter range of the character.
  2. Psychology mode (Suitable for attack or defense): Users receive a continuous EP recovery that happens at a rate of three EP every 2.2 seconds.

5) Xayne


Xayne has arguably been the most overpowered Free Fire female character since her introduction in-game. Her ability received an adjustment via OB34 update, but Xayne has no match despite that.

Upon activation, Xtreme Encounter provides an instant HP boost of 120 points, which tends to degrade within six seconds. Moreover, the damage to gloo walls also makes her suitable for the ranked mode.

However, players must note that Xayne's ability has a massive cooldown.

Note: This list is not in a particular order and is based on the writer's preference. Each character featured in the list is at the first level, so users should upgrade them if needed. Moreover, they should note that ranked mode is not about character abilities as it tests gamers' skill-set. Thus, they must practice hard to rank up and not solely depend on the characters.

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